Thursday, August 31, 2006

"Islamofascism "is Empty, Dishonest, Hysterical Propaganda

SALT LAKE CITY - President Bush on Thursday predicted victory in the war on terror at a time of increasing public anxiety at home, likening the struggle against Islamic fundamentalism with the fight against Nazis and communists.

GOI: First of all Bush couldn't have gone to a more friendly audience. Shouldn't his audience be people that need "convincing?" You know that majority of Americans (some 60%) who now oppose this war? His blind supporters are shrinking everyday and Utah is about the only friendly place left for Bush.

Now, onto comparing the struggle against Islamic fundamentalism with the fight against Nazi's. This is the, "Islamo-Fascist" arguement. The Hitler Nazi power was first and foremost a fascist movement which means that it was highly nationalistic, secular and extremely connected to corporatism. Most Islamic terrorists do not swear loyalty to a certain state and they are not secular by any stretch. Their loyalty is to the religion of Islam. Yes, Islamic terrorists are anti-semitic as was Nazism, however, Hitler would have hated Muslims as much as the Jews as they would not fit the Aryan definition. You would never see Hitler hanging out with an Osama bin Laden. Islamic terrorists are not looking to place the corporate state above all else as fascism does but rather to place Allah, the clerics and sharia law above all else.

The "fight against communists" argument is even more problematic. Communists despise religion and Islamic terrorists adore and revere their religion. Karl Marx, (the father of communism) famously said that religion was the "opiate of the masses."

The closest ideology that we can pin on the Islamic terrorists is totalitarianism. Totalitarianism isn't particular to any group, state or otherwise. There is fascist totalitarianism, communist totalitarianism, and Islamic Extremist totalitarianism.

Unfortunately for the Bushies these definitions do not fit on a bumper sticker. They assume that people are stupid and will believe anything they say rather then research the political science, history and geography behind their claims for themselves.

In other news, there have been over 250 Iraqi's killed and more the 300 wounded since sunday. Fourteen U.S. soldiers have also been killed since sunday and 60 dead in the month of August. All this despite the U.S. commanders claiming that the violence in Baghdad is subsiding and that their operations to beef up security in the capital are succeeding.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Crazy Katherine Harris Wants a Theocracy.

MIAMI Aug 26, 2006 (AP)— U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris told a religious journal that separation of church and state is "a lie" and God and the nation's founding fathers did not intend the country be "a nation of secular laws." The Republican candidate for U.S. Senate also said that if Christians are not elected, politicians will "legislate sin," including abortion and gay marriage. Harris made the comments which she clarified Saturday in the Florida Baptist Witness, the weekly journal of the Florida Baptist State Convention, which interviewed political candidates and asked them about religion and their positions on issues.

Separation of church and state is "a lie we have been told," Harris said in the interview, published Thursday, saying separating religion and politics is "wrong because God is the one who chooses our rulers."

"If you're not electing Christians, then in essence you are going to legislate sin," Harris said. [...]

Harris' campaign released a statement Saturday saying she had been "speaking to a Christian audience, addressing a common misperception that people of faith should not be actively involved in government."

AlterNet: If Harris thinks that God picks our leaders, she's going to take her crushing defeat pretty hard.

GOI: Her campaign had pretty much been dead in the water before this incident and so these comments will most likely be the final nails in her coffin. She wants a theocracy and that never works (look at Iran!!). She is apparently too dumb to realize that this country was founded by people who wanted freedom from a state religion. The last thing they wanted to do when they founded America was to intertwine religion and government!!

Please "God" save me from your followers.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Inflation in Iraq Rises. Economy Devastated.

A spike in inflation is turning the economy into shambles, according to an article slated for Saturday's New York Times. "Going to the market already requires courage -- after repeated bombings there -- and now, life's most basic needs are becoming drastically more expensive," reports Damien Cave for the Times. "The inflation rate has reached 70 percent a year, up from 32 percent last year." "Wages are flat, banks are barely functioning and the consensus among many U.S. and Iraqi officials is that inflation will most likely accelerate," the article continues.

Excerpts from the Times article:

For Mehdi Dawood, Iraq's failures have leached into the cucumbers, a staple of every meal that now devours a fifth of his monthly pension.

And it is not just the vegetables. Fuel and electricity prices are up more than 270 percent from last year's, according to Iraqi government figures. Tea in some markets has quadrupled, egg prices have doubled, and all over the country the daily routine now includes a new question: What can be done without?

"Meat, I just don't buy it anymore," said Dawood, 66, holding half-filled bags at a market in Baghdad. "It's too expensive.

"We are all suffering," he said. "It's the government's fault. There is no security. There is no stability."

Mr. Maliki’s office has responded with proposals to spur foreign investment and calls for public patience, even forgiveness. But billions in American aid has already been spent on Iraq with limited impact.

GOI: What good is a democracy without a functioning economy? And can it even be called a democracy without a functioning economy? I don't think so.

(cross referenced with RAW STORY).

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Friday, August 25, 2006

The Bush President Club

Did you hear that Bush Sr. and W are on vacation together for the first time in W's second term? Well, I saw the story on the NBC Nightly News tonight and they showed pictures of the two and Bush Sr. was wearing a black hat with the number "41" on it in blue with white lettering and W was wearing the same kind of hat but with "43" on it (rolls eyes).

That is more lame then a three legged dog.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Man Who Meets with Prez Wants Another Term for Bush. Oh God no, SHUT UP DUDE!!!! Just Sit Down and Take your Meds.

"I just wish the president could have another term in Washington," he said as cameras rolled on the South Lawn, where the two appeared together after coffee.

"Wait a minute," Bush interjected with a laugh.

"You know, I wish you had another four years, man," Vaccarella said. "If we had this president for another four years, I think we'd be great."

GOI: This poor Vaccarella man ain't right in the head. He's sick and needs meds, IMMEDIATELY. Get this man on a Seroquel IV drip. That's the only answer for wishing such pain and misery upon the country in asking for another term. The scars of the storm and having to live in a FEMA trailer for a year made his record slip. He doesn't realize what he is saying. Jesus, even the Bushies themselves don't want another term!!!

But his spokeswoman later made it clear that in a White House exhausted by war, terrorism and all manner of disasters, both meteorological and political, the idea of a third term didn't stir much enthusiasm. "Believe me," deputy press secretary Dana Perino joked, "I think staff thinks that two are plenty."

GOI: Yep, they've lost the cowboy swagger and confidence I think and are just hoping to stay out of prison at this point.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

The Political Quiz Show

I scored a 7 so I sit somewhere between Ted Kennedy (5) and Hillary Clinton (10) on their scale.


GOI: The above test is not the best one that I've come across. Go HERE for a better, more conclusive and in-depth test. It's called the "Political Compass" and here are my results:

Economic left/right:-7.00
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.49

Which puts me somewhere in the Social Libertarian Left area of the map near Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. Although I'm a bit more social libertarian then their placingings on the map. I'm near the Dalai Lama on the social libertarian scale but a bit more economically left of him.

(cross posted at Letters from the Sanitarium).

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

17 Shia Killed by Snipers in Baghdad. "Stay the Course" Really Means, "I See no Reality, Hear no Reality and Speak no Reality."

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Snipers firing from rooftops and a cemetery killed at least 17 people and wounded dozens Sunday in a series of attacks on a Shiite religious procession that drew hundreds of thousands of pilgrims to Baghdad. The "terrorist assaults" took place when the pilgrims were walking through Sunni areas on their way to the shrine of Imam Moussa Kadhim, one of 12 Shiite saints, Health Ministry spokesman Qassim Allawi told The Associated Press.

In one neighborhood, security forces and Shiite militiamen in flak jackets were seen exchanging gunfire with unseen assailants who were firing from houses and buildings. Some of the attackers were firing from behind tombstones in a Sunni cemetery.

The violence defied a weekend driving ban to prevent car bombs amid a cycle of tit-for-tat attacks by Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq since the Feb. 22 bombing of a Shiite mosque in Samarra. The sectarian warfare, along with the deadly Sunni Arab insurgency, has become the biggest challenge for the U.S.-backed national unity government.

Thousands of extra U.S. troops also have been deployed in recent weeks as part of a security crackdown in the capital as many fear the bloodshed, which is claiming about 100 lives a day, could lead to an all-out civil war.

GOI: This attack underscores the inemptitude of the Iraqi government. They call for a car ban and the insurgents shift tactics to sniper attacks and keep the violence going. There is no evidence so far that these thousands of U.S. troops will slow down the violence in Iraq. The Iraqi government is so embroiled in back-biting and terf wars that they are not strong enough to hold their country together. What was barely reported this past week was that the main Sunni leader in the Iraqi government was talking about leaving the government over infighting. This Sunni leader is radical but it represents a disturbing crack in the government. yet another distraction for the government.

Then there was the massive support rally in Iraq for Hezballah during the recent Hezballah-Israel war. That disturbing rally was pretty much a foot note in the media reporting during the war. I, however, find it a very upsetting development that shows just how radicalized Iraq has become.

In addition, the Iraqi police and military forces are still not strong enough (or willing enough) to do much on their own after some 3 and one half years since the invasion and over-throw of Saddam. The New York Times magazine as reported on, "Meet the Press" this morning reports that the Iraqi troops are not being paid on time or even at all and still have a high AWOL rate. Corruption is rampant in the high ranks of the Iraqi military. We can not want stability for the Iraqi's more then they do and expect a success. As I have mentioned before on this blog, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is a definition of insanity and ineptitude.

Also on, "Meet the Press" this morning Senator John McCain said that the number of troops on the ground should be increased and that it is NOT up to the generals on the ground (as the President and Rumsfeld like to say). It is up to the highest ranks of the Pentagon (i.e. Rumsfeld).

Again, as I have said before, (and I will continue to repeat it) if Iraq is the "centrol front on terror" then the Bush administration and the Republicans are loosing the war on terror. BIG TIME.
Stay the course really means, "I see no reality, hear no reality, and speak no reality."

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Republican Candidate Tramm Hudson Says Blacks Can't Swim.

This from Crooks and Liars:

"I grew up in Alabama and I understand, uh…I know this from my own experience; blacks are not the greatest swimmers, or may not even know how to swim."

GOI: Just like George Allen, only after he was caught did he, "apologize."

Hudson apologized for the comments in a statement issued by his campaign. "I said something stupid," he said. "I apologize for it and would apologize in person to anyone hurt by my comments. To those who are understandably offended, you have my deepest apologies, and I want you to know that it was out of character for me and those who know me know that to be a fact. This was a thoughtless remark that does not reflect my lifetime commitment to treating everyone fairly and without bias."


In a statement, Republican rival Vern Buchanan blasted Hudson for the remarks and said they would undercut his ability to beat the Democratic nominee in the general election. "I am appalled by Tramm's insensitive racial remarks and glad that he apologized," Buchanan said. "However, an apology doesn't change the reality of a person's beliefs or of the political dynamics in the 13th Congressional District. Tramm's divisive negative campaign was already hurting our chances to win this fall, but his remarks destroy any chance he'd have to talk about real issues."

GOI: Of course the Hudson campaign said he is being taken "out of context." In what kind of context can such a statement be appropriate???

Hudson's campaign said the comments should be taken in context. In the February speech, Hudson told the story of a black man in his infantry company who nearly drowned while they crossed a river in a training exercise, according to a more complete transcript released by the campaign. In the transcript, Hudson talks about leading a religious service the day after the incident, Sunday. "That soldier could have died," the transcript quotes Hudson as saying. "I believe it was divine intervention. The transcript shows that the anecdote was meant to illustrate why Hudson wouldn't support a bill that would prohibit military chaplains from proselytizing.

GOI: HUH?!!! THAT's the context?!!! That doesn't match AT ALL!!! So because this one soldier almost drowned that means that most blacks don't know how to swim??? And, how is that not racist and stereotyping and entire race???

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Judge upholds the Constitution in knocking down warrantless surveillance program. What an out of control judge!!

In an injunction ordered an immediate halt to the program, US District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor tore into warrantless surveillance, which she found "violates the Separation of Powers doctrine, the Administrative Procedures Act, the First and Fourth Amendments to the United States Constitution, the FISA and Title III."

The government is also, under the ruling, barred from monitoring Internet communication without warrants.

GOI: The following are two of the best (and most powerful) quotes from the decision:

The Presidential Oath of Office is set forth in the Constitution and requires him to swear or affirm that he "will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

The Government appears to argue here that, pursuant to the penumbra of Constitutional language in Article II, and particularly because the President is designated Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy, he has been granted the inherent power to violate not only the laws of the Congress but the First and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution, itself.

We must first note that the Office of the Chief Executive has itself been created, with its powers, by the Constitution. There are no hereditary Kings in America and no powers not created by the Constitution. So all "inherent powers" must derive from that Constitution.

We have seen in Hamdi that the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution is fully applicable to the Executive branch's actions and therefore it can only follow that the First and Fourth Amendments must be applicable as well.


As Justice Warren wrote in U.S. v. Robel, 389 U.S. 258 (1967):

Implicit in the term ‘national defense’ is the notion of defending those values and ideas which set this Nation apart. . . . It would indeed be ironic if, in the name of national defense, we would sanction the subversion of . . . those liberties . . . which makes the defense of the Nation worthwhile.

GOI: Wow, you mean the judge sided with the rule of law AND the Constitution??? What a concept. I guess she is a "radical," "activist," "terrorist supporting" judge in standing up for the Constitution and Constitutional rights. Hmmm, maybe what we will hear next is that this ruling doesn't apply to the Bush administration because they have their OWN Constitution. A shadow Constitution that was signed (and written on official White House paper) by: Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, Dubya and titled by Dubya, "The Super Cool, Super duper, Undercover, So long as I'm the dictator, bring that other "Constitution" on, You're either with our Constitution or you are a terrorist and so long as I'm the decider, Constitution of the United Corporations of America under Bush's God until the Rapture."

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Orrin Hatch says Dem's win could help terrorists

Sen. Orrin Hatch, who continuously decries the bitter partisanship in Washington, implied this week that Democratic success in November's election could result in terrorist attacks on America.

Hatch was quoted in Tuesday's Tooele Transcript Bulletin as saying Middle East terrorists are "waiting for the Democrats here to take control, let things cool off and then strike again."

Democrats are criticizing Hatch for what they see as "ridiculous" partisan hyperbole.

"There they go again trying to use smear and fear to win in November," said Stacie Paxton, spokeswoman for the Democratic National Committee.


But Hatch said Wednesday he was only trying to reiterate a long-held position about Iraq. He clarified the statement through a spokesman, although he does not recall saying it.

GOI: Soooo if he doesn't recall saying it then why own it by giving a defense of what he really meant? In "redefining" what he said he is admitting that he said the original statement!! This is the politics of irrational fear again from the Republicans. This is so obsurd and shows just how desperate Republicans are to tighten the gap in polls that some show them nearly twenty points behind the Democrats in this years mid-term elections.

I was born in the afternoon but not yesterday afternoon.

This is totally absurd alarmism on his part and not very becoming of a politician who claims to hate bitter, bipartisan games.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yet Another Explanation of "Macaca" from George Allen's People

What does Macaca really mean? Three Virginia Republicans confirmed to the Hotline that several Allen campaign aides and advisers are telling allies that the word was a made-up, off-the-cuff neologism that these aides occasionally used to refer to tracker S.R. Sidarth well before last Saturday's videotaped encounter.

According to two Republicans who heard the word used, "macaca" was a mash-up of "Mohawk," referring to Sidarth's distinctive hair, and "caca," Spanish slang for excrement, or "shit."

Said one Republican close to the campaign: "In other words, he was a shit-head, an annoyance."


Kristian Denny Todd, communications director for James Webb, said the new explanation rings hollow. "I don't know what's worse; calling this innocent 20-year-old a "shit head" or a racist slur that was debatable that it wasn't,"

GOI: Ok, so first Allen supposedly meant to say mohawk and somehow the racist slur "macaca" came out. Now, it's that he meant both mohawak AND caca and so the hybrid word "macaca" emerged and that the guy's a "shit head with a mohawk??" Why all the different explanations if he didn't mean what came out in the first place? Why not just stick with that basic apology? All these new explanations make their whole argument/defense very suspicious.

Then there is this:

Allen's mother is of French-Tunisian decent. Allen speaks fluent French and probably knew of the term, "macaca" from her as it is especially found in French speaking North Africa (where Tunisia is located) as well as in French speaking Europe. So what is more probable? That Allen just "made-up" the word on the spot or knew of the term from growing up speaking French and having an understanding of North African French culture?

Also, Go here to read just how bad a bully George Allen has been as witnessed by his very own sister. Here's an excerpt:

Referring to George’s early leadership skills, Jennifer wrote: “We all obeyed George. If we didn't, we knew he would kill us. Once, when Bruce refused to go to bed, George hurled him through a sliding glass door. Another time, when Gregory refused to go to bed, George tackled him and broke his collarbone. Another time, when I refused to go to bed, George dragged me up the stairs by my hair.” [Fifth Quarter: The Scrimmage of a Football Coach's Daughter, page 22]

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Violence and Instability in Iraqi Anbar Province is only Increasing

By ANTONIO CASTANEDA Associated Press Writer

HADITHA, Iraq (AP) -- In the dusty plains of western Iraq, al-Qaida is gaining strength. Daily attacks against U.S. and Iraqi forces are on the rise, and there is little sign of progress in persuading the population to support the national government.


U.S. commanders have said privately that a military solution to the insurgency in Anbar is impossible, and what's needed is a political deal between the Sunni Arabs and the other religious and ethnic communities.

"This country needs a political solution - not a military solution," one government worker told Marines who stopped by his home in Haditha.


U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad has said tbat sectarian violence in the capital is now a greater threat to Iraq's stability than the Sunni Arab insurgency, which is entrenched in western Iraq.

Nevertheless, of the 23 U.S. troops who have died this month in Iraq, 16 were in Anbar.

In Baghdad, U.S. military spokesman Maj. Gen. William Caldwell said Wednesday that al-Qaida was making a concerted effort to gain legitimacy by promoting itself as a credible organization.


The terror network "appeals to Iraqis in desperate social and economic situations while projecting a civic-minded image," he said, adding that al-Qaida was seeking to build support "from whole tribes rather than individual Iraqi citizens."

On the other hand, U.S. commanders say few insurgents have shown a willingness to meet with them, much less hold meaningful talks.


In Ramadi, the largest city and provincial capital, several prominent tribal leaders who had approached the military earlier this year were promptly slain.


One government official in Haditha, who asked that his name not be used for fear of reprisal, said the situation was only getting worse. City council members here won't admit to being part of the government, and officials frequently resign after insurgent threats.


Some commanders said the insurgents have grown adept at shifting away from areas targeted by U.S. troops, turning up elsewhere. For example, some Marines attributed a recent spike across the region to increased U.S. military operations in Ramadi.

"It's like pushing on a water balloon, if you will. When you apply pressure to Fallujah, they squirt elsewhere," Cooling said. "Wherever you do not apply a significant amount of pressure, that's where the enemy is going to go."

The U.S. military has pinned its hopes on the development of Iraqi forces. Thousands of Iraqi soldiers have flowed into Anbar over the past year and are expected to soon take over key terrain such as Fallujah.

But commanders say it's a struggle to keep soldiers stationed in Anbar: Thousands have deserted after being given orders here or shortly after arriving.

GOI: Sounds like a loosing battle to me. If Iraq is the "central front in the 'war on terror'" as Bush claims then how can he (and the Republicans) claim that they are the party to protect us the best since we have long ago lost Iraq? Iraq has been falling apart worse then a paper napkin coming apart in a glass of water.

Their policy and platform is "stay the course" but it appears to me that "stay the course" means creating more terrorists that hate and want to attack America so how can we be more safer under these bumble f**ks??? Their game plan is (and has been for the past 3 election cycles) the smoke and mirrors parlor tricks of stoking people's fear and gut passions. It is time that America come around to these games, pull the curtain back on the Wizard's of Oz and reveal them to be the fake puppet, propaganda masters that they are. Don't buy the ticket to that circus anymore.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sen. George Allen calls American Indian Man a, "Monkey."

"MY FRIENDS, we're going to run this campaign on positive, constructive ideas," Sen. George F. Allen told a rally of Republican supporters in Southwest Virginia last week. "And it's important that we motivate and inspire people for something." Whereupon Mr. Allen turned his attention to a young campaign aide working for his Democratic opponent -- a University of Virginia student from Fairfax County who was apparently the only person of color present -- and proceeded to ridicule him.

Let's consider which positive, constructive or inspirational ideas Mr. Allen had in mind when he chose to mock S.R. Sidarth of Dunn Loring, who was recording the event with a video camera on behalf of James Webb, the Democratic nominee for the Senate seat Mr. Allen holds. The idea that holding up minorities to public scorn in front of an all-white crowd will elicit chortles and guffaws? (It did.) The idea that a candidate for public office can say "Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia!" to an American of Indian descent and really mean nothing offensive by it? (So insisted Mr. Allen's aides.) Or perhaps the idea that bullying your opponents and calling them strange names -- Mr. Allen twice referred to Mr. Sidarth as "Macaca" -- is within the bounds of decency on the campaign trail?

We have no inkling as to what Mr. Allen meant by "Macaca," though we rather doubt his campaign's imaginative explanation that it was somehow an allusion to Mr. Sidarth's hairstyle, a mullet. Mr. Allen said last night that no slur was intended, though he failed to explain what, exactly, he did have in mind.

Macaca is the genus for macaques, a type of monkey found mainly in Asia. (GOI: It many countries the term is a racial slur). Mr. Allen, who as a young man had a fondness for Confederate flags and later staunchly opposed a state holiday in honor of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., has surely learned too much about racial sensitivities in public life to misspeak so offensively.

Mr. Sidarth, who is 20, is a senior at U-Va.; he graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in Fairfax after compiling an excellent academic record. He is thinking of applying to law school. He may be forgiven if his week-long foray on the campaign trail with Mr. Allen has left him with a bitter taste. "I think he was doing it because he could, and I was the person of color there and it was useful for him in inciting his audience," Mr. Sidarth told us. "I'm disgusted he would use my race in a political context."

We don't blame him for feeling that way. But really, by mocking Mr. Sidarth, Sen. George F. Allen demeaned only himself.

GOI: Try as hard as he might, George Allen can't help himself from sticking his foot in the sticky, honey jar of racist behavior.

His campaign claims that they nicknamed Sidarth (who had been following the Allen campaign around the state) "mohawk" for his hair cut and that perhaps Allen used the term "macaca" mistaking it for "mohawk." However, If Allen doesn't know the difference between a racial slur and a hair style then I am not at all comfortable with him having the power of a Senator or (god forbid) President. I'm sorry but a Senator and potential Presidential candidate should know how to pronounce "mohawk."

Also, according to a report on CNN, Sidarth had introduced himself to Allen a few days before. Allen is known for his ability to remember names so it seems unlikely (and a little too coincidental) that he would unknowingly confuse Sidarth's name with a racial slur.

And what's with the "welcome to America and the real world of Virginia" comment??? Apparently Allen assumes anyone with "dark skin" is an immigrant??? Of course later he claimed that these comments were aimed at his opponent whom he claimed had never been to that area of Virginia. All this even though he said it directly to Sidarth while looking in his direction!!) Of COURSE Allen should have said "I welcome my OPPONENT to America and the real world of Virginia." He try's to play this "aw shucks" character but Allen knows whats going on. And again, if he's dumb enough not to know the importance of directly addressing your intended target then he should be certified by the State of Virginia as "mentally handicapped."

Allen has since apologized but of course he did--he got caught. Perhaps he didn't think anyone would know what "macaca" really meant. It's quite convenient to say such controversial things and then say, "Oh that's not what I meant. It was taken out of context, I apologize if anyone misunderstood my words and was offended," blah, blah, blah. It doesn't work that way. You can't just go around letting your ignorance fly and then just apologize every time you offend someone. How do we know if that apology is sincere? An apology is a must but the way to show true sincerity is to change your behavior and given Allen's previous dances with racist behavior I am not too surprised that he said what he said. And I am afraid that we shall see more of this ignorant bullsh*t again.

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Bush Admin Tried to Cut Funds for Explosive Detection, Even as the British Terror Plot was Unfolding

Another story that you won't find in the so called, "liberal media."

WASHINGTON The Bush administration quietly tried to cut six (m) million dollars that earmarked for developing new explosives detection technology even as the British terror plot was unfolding.

Officials wanted to use the money instead on federal building protection. Congressional leaders rejected the idea.

It's one in a series of Homeland Security Department steps that have left lawmakers and some of the department's own experts questioning the administration's commitment to create better anti-terror technologies.

An investigation by The Associated Press shows the department failed to spend 200 (m) million dollars in research and development money from past years, forcing lawmakers this summer to rescind the money.

The Bush administration has also been slow to start testing a new liquid explosives detector that the Japanese government provided to the United States earlier this year. The terrorist plot to blow up trans-Atlantic passenger jets would have involved liquid explosives.

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

American's Trust Democrats over Republicans in Handling the War on Terror

Don't believe the rhetoric being spewed out of the RNC and Karl Rove's office that the Democrats are soft on terrorism. That horse won't ride anymore.

According to a Washington Post-ABC poll a majority of Americans feel that the Democrats are the party they trust most to handle terrorist issues. The poll: Which political party, the (Democrats) or the (Republicans), do you trust to do a better job handling the U.S. campaign against terrorism?

The answer: Democrats 46%, Republicans 38%

That's nearly a double digit lead!!

Greg Sargent from TPM Cafe: That's right: this poll's respondents preferred Dems not just on Iraq, but on the broader war on terror.

And then there's this from Media Matters:

Three of the last four Washington Post polls have found that a plurality of Americans trust Democrats rather than Republicans to handle the "campaign against terrorism." Four consecutive Post polls -- and seven of the last eight -- have found that a plurality trust Democrats more when it comes to handling "the situation in Iraq." The lone exception found the parties tied.

The Bush approval rating is back at 33% which ties his lowest approval number.

Then there is this wording on the cover from the most recent Newsweek:

Plot against airlines,
bin Laden at large,
Iraq in flames,
Five years after 9/11,
Are we any safer?

And the current Republican dominated government STILL haven't instituted most of the recommendations of the 9/11 commission!!!

Then there are Iran and North Korea who are even MORE radicalized and weaponized then before Bush took office. Iran has been embolded by the invasion of Iraq. That combined with the civil war in Iraq and bin Laden still on the loose is some record to run on.

I agree with Sen. Jay Rockefeller when he said recently, "I fear many of our policies over the past five years have done more to inflame extremism than to diminish it. I believe that war in Iraq has diverted resources and undercut the Bush Administration's ability to protect our people against a terrorist attack."

I for one don't feel one bit safer under the Republican's rule since 9/11. In fact, as I said above Bush and the Republicans have created more terrorists and terrorism with their failed policies. It's time for a change.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

No More Joementum Please

So by now we all know that Joe Lieberman lost but won't accept the will of the voters and bow out gracefully. Instead he is going to run as an independent. This move by Joe goes a long way in telling me just how dedicated (or lack of dedication) to the Democratic party he really was/is. He is willing to split the vote and perhaps throw the whole election to the status quo Republicans for his own arrogance and greedy lust for power.

Remember how Joe keep saying that he was a "real Democrat?" Well, a "REAL" Democrat would bow out and support the voters choice for the nomination. A "REAL" Democract wouldn't jump ship on "their party."

This is a perfect example of the entrenced power in Washington which feels that they deserve to stay in office no matter what and, "How dare the voters go against me" attitude.

He is so out of touch he wouldn't be able to reach out and touch his own nose. In his "concession" speech last night he said that Ned Lamont is the one out of touch with mainstream America. Yet, when it comes to the war, poll after poll show some 60% of Americans are AGAINST the war and Ned Lamont is against the way this war is being prosecuted. So who's in the mainstream again Joe???

Stop embarrassing yourself Joe and disgracing the will of the voters of the great state of Connecticut. You have no shame in your thrist for power. Please just stop. You look like an old fool who doesn't know when to give up and accept that their glory days are over. He's like the drunk guy who doesn't know when to quit drinking and stop making an ass of himself.

As Randi Rhodes said on her radio show today, (and i'm laughing my ass off typing this) he dropped a big turd in the punch bowl.

Give it up Joe. YOU LOST so please GO HOME.

If you agree with me that Joe should bow out and accept the nomination of Ned Lemont then I urge you to call or email his office or campaign and tell him to drop out of the race. Let's put the pressure on.

Senate Office Contact Info:

Washington D.C. phone number: (202) 224-4041
Office Email link

Campaign Contact Info:

His campaign website is still offline.

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Monday, August 07, 2006

Genius George Dubya

Delirious George held a formal press conference today at the "Western" White House (which always annoys me because Texas is in the SOUTH West) . Anyway, during this conference Bush was trying in vain to prove that Iraq was not in the midst of a civil war. In doing so, he said Iraq isn't in a civil war because the citizens voted against a civil war and that was that.

Where did this guy learn his political science??? The back of a cereal box???

He apparently thinks that some how holding a vote creates a superhero who prevents people from engaging in a civil war!! He's living in a comic book world!!! You can not expect a civil war will not break out simply because people voted!!! It's like thinking a serial killer will not kill you if you just close your eyes and say, "There is no serial killer in front of me right now!"

Waring militias do NOT recognize the voting process idiot!!! OBVIOUSLY!!! It's like expecting and thinking that no one would ever dare commit a crime simply because there is a "law" against such activity. If you stick your head in the sand then you're going to get your ass kicked and that's exactly what's happening.


DON'T THEY KNOW THEY ARE LIVING IN A DEMOCRACY?!!! DEMOCRACIES DON'T FALL INTO CIVIL WAR!!! You say America was a democracy when we fell into a civil war in the mid 1800's??? I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!!! (Covers ears and yells loudly, "LALALALALA!!! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!! I'M NOT LISTENING TO YOU!!! LALALALALA"

Good God.

We've have a 5 year old for our President and leader of the free world.

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bush on the Constitution: "Just a Goddamn Piece of Paper."

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The Rant
Bush on the Constitution: "Just a goddamned piece of paper"By DOUG THOMPSONDec 9, 2005, 06:39

(WRITER'S NOTE: When this story was written, three sources told me they personally heard President Bush call the Constitution a "goddamned piece of paper." I have since learned that two of the sources were not present for the meeting and were, in fact, passing on second-hand information. The third now refuses to either confirm or deny the report. That leaves us with a decision. Do we kill the story or add this explanation? I originally killed the story but decided later to restore it to the database because there is still enough information floating around that suggests the President of the United States did make the statement. His actions through warrantless wiretapping, abuse of "signing statements" and attacks on civil liberties suggest such a statement reflects how he feels about the document that is supposed to define our country. I leave it to the reader to decide. At this point, two of the story's sources say they are repeating what they heard happened. It may be true. It may not. But we feel is worth consideration as part of the national debate. I have edited the column to reflect what the sources now claim.)

Last month, Republican Congressional leaders filed into the Oval Office to meet with President George W. Bush and talk about renewing the controversial USA Patriot Act.

Several provisions of the act, passed in the shell shocked period immediately following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, caused enough anger that liberal groups like the American Civil Liberties Union had joined forces with prominent conservatives like Phyllis Schlafly and Bob Barr to oppose renewal.

GOP leaders told Bush that his hardcore push to renew the more onerous provisions of the act could further alienate conservatives still mad at the President from his botched attempt to nominate White House Counsel Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court.

"I don't give a goddamn," Bush retorted. "I'm the President and the Commander-in-Chief. Do it my way."

"Mr. President," one aide in the meeting said. "There is a valid case that the provisions in this law undermine the Constitution."

"Stop throwing the Constitution in my face," Bush screamed back. "It's just a goddamned piece of paper!"

I've heard from two White House sources who claim they heard from others present in the meeting that the President of the United States called the Constitution "a goddamned piece of paper."

The record shows the Bush Administration, the Constitution of the United States is little more than toilet paper stained from all the shit that this group of power-mad despots have dumped on the freedoms that "goddamned piece of paper" used to guarantee.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, while still White House counsel, wrote that the "Constitution is an outdated document."

GOI: As the author of the article said it is up to the reader to decide. However, it does sound like something Bush would say. And as Bush said, "Now watch this drive."

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

"Sectarian Violence"

Meanwhile, back in Iraq:

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- A bomb strapped to a motorcycle exploded in the center of the capital Thursday, killing at least 12 people and injuring 29, police said. At least 13 other people were killed or found dead in various parts of the country.

GOI: What in the HELL is the difference between "sectarian violence" and a civil war?!! It seems to me that the only difference is semantics. A religious civil war is still a civil war. I guess it is that for some people, "sectarian violence" sounds not as bad as a civil war and here I thought Conservatives hated "political correctness!" Hmmm.

Oh yeah and I was watching Rumsfeld today in front of the Senate committee and it is sooo annoying when he talks in questions and then answers them. You know stuff like, "Is there a lot of violence in Iraq? Of course." "Does it mean a civil war? I don't think so." He reminds me of the crazy bum uncle that bumbles and mumbles around at the family renunion.

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