Friday, December 01, 2006

Revealing X-Ray Screeners Tested

GOI: Heard about this story from Randi Rhodes. My commentary after the article.
WASHINGTON — The federal government plans this month to launch the nation's first airport screening system that takes potentially revealing X-ray photos of travelers in an effort to find bombs and other weapons.

Transportation Security Administration screeners at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport will test a "backscatter" machine that could vastly improve weapons detection but has been labeled a "virtual strip search" by the American Civil Liberties Union. Backscatter can show clear images of nude bodies.

In the upcoming airport tests, the machines will be used only on travelers who require extra screening beyond a metal detector. Those passengers will be offered the option of being photographed from the front and back by the backscatter machine or undergoing the customary pat-down by a screener.

(GOI: It's only a matter of time though before it is used to screen everyone).

Null said the machines could some day replace metal detectors if they can operate faster than the 15-20 seconds backscatter takes to screen one passenger.

GOI: Like I said, it will eventually be used to screen everyone and by everyone I mean EVERYONE. Are we prepared to allow our young kids to be x-rayed?!!! Or your 80 year old grandmother??? Or how about Father O'Connor or the Dalai Lama?!!!! And of course you know the celebrities are going to put up a fuss. I think this is a HORRIBLE idea and I hope these machines don't get testis. Oops, did I say testis?? I meant tested. Pretty soon the only way your only going to be able to fly is naked. I guess it's T and A instead of TSA.

PHOTO CREDIT: The Randi Rhodes Message Board


michael the tubthumper said...

this still leaves a grey area. what if someone hides something INSIDE themselves

surely no one should be allowed to fly without undergoing exploratory surgery first?

james said...


Good point. How far are we willing to go?

Julie O. said...

I think they already tested these in Orlando's airport, because I complained about these to my Congresswoman several years ago when I still lived in Florida.

Theyyy'rrre baaack.

james said...


Yeah they're reading a little too much 1984.

fashiongirl said...

Guess it's time to reconsider that boob job. Now not only will I be virtually naked during my TSA screening, I'll glow in the dark afterwards. Unbelievable!

Kvatch said...

Dude, you've inspired me. You get the credit for my post tomorrow. Yowzaa!

And...yup...that's pretty revealing.

james said...


Yeah i'm going to get some of those glow in the dark body paints and paint, "violation of my rights" across my chest for them to see.


Sweet. I can't wait to read it.

Kvatch said...

Here ya go...

TSA Asks - What's Under Your Clothes?

Snave said...

They don't want to look under my clothes unless they have a puke bucket handy! Heh! Then again, I suppose I could consider that as my revenge.

james said...


Good point. Maybe I'll wear a thong to make them stop running the machines. If they insist on looking I might as well give them the worst viewing scenario that I can think of. It's the least that I can do for my country.