Saturday, November 25, 2006

Was the Russian Government Involved in the Fatal Poisoning of a Former Russian Spy? Quite Likely.

GOI: No, it's not from a James Bond film. It's real.

It seems quite likely to me that top officials within the Russian government were involved in the fatal poisoning of the former Russian spy turned government critic, Alexander Litvinenko.

Why? Well Litvinenko (as some of you might know by now) was poisoned with a rare radioactive material known as polonium-210. Not just anyone with grudge can get their hands on such a large amount of a rare and highly dangerous element. The high amount of this material found in his body would have to have been taken from a government restricted nuclear site.

Scientists claimed small amounts of polonium-210, but not enough to kill someone, were used legitimately in Britain for industrial purposes and easily available.

To be used to kill, however, "much larger amounts are required and this would have to be manmade... from a particle accelerator or a nuclear reactor," said Medical Research Council expert Dudley Goodhead.

GOI: Of course Russian nuclear sites haven't been known for their tight security since the fall of the Soviet regime. Yet, how then did the material make it past vigilant British security officials?

Other critics of the increasing authoritarian Russian government have been suspiciously poisoned or otherwise killed. Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, another of Putin's critic was suspiciously killed. Her case was something that Litvinenko was investigating at the time of his death. Then there is the poisoning of the Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko who was a critic of Russian influence in Ukraine.

Traces of this material were also found at Litvinenko's home, a hotel bar and at the restaurant where he dined the day he became sick.

It's all very suspicious.

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Technologist said...

"much larger amounts are required and this would have to be manmade... from a particle accelerator or a nuclear reactor,"

I have combined information on two web sites, one selling a Po-210 device, one describing the toxicity.

It seems like the $71 device available online contains 10% of the lethal dose. This is not exactly nuclear physics, is it?

fashiongirl said...

Poisoning is so Lucretia Borgia. It's like literally going "medieval" on his ass.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction I guess. I only hope he recovers.

Lynne said...

Fashiongirl, "fatal poisoning" means he died.

james said...


Thanks for the links. Very interesting but the whole thing is still very suspicious if you ask me.


Yeah it's hardcore indeed.