Monday, November 13, 2006

Sink or Swim Time in Iraq

Elder statesman (D) Carl Levin said today that the only way out of Iraq is to set a gradual, phased time table to leave Iraq and let Iraq figure it out and adjust into taking the full pressure themselves. It's like adding more weight at the gym. You don't immediately start doing squats with a ton of weight. You slowly keep adding more weight until you're strong enough to lift the full weight. They must step up and accept that they are the authors of their own destiny and stability. We can't keep paying their costs in our blood and treasure.

It's like a family member whom you help get up on their feet again but they fail and fail and fail and don't seem to even be trying. They refuse to help themselves and pretty soon they are back to misbehaving and hanging out with the wrong people. Sooner or later you have to cut them off and they have to sink or swim on their own because you gave them everything they needed to pull things out and for 3 1/2 years!!! If you keep bailing them out then you become an enabler for their bad decisions. They don't face the full consequences of their negative behavior if we are there every time to bail them out at the cost of our own peace and stability.

Otherwise they will just take advantage of your goodness, bleed you dry and use you as a door mat. You can't help people who refuse to help themselves. In the end, no matter how much help you give someone --they are the only ones who must do the hard work. You can't force them to do the right thing because then YOU become the enemy. It seems that some have to hit rock bottom before they figure it out and can make the final push to stability. And that could take years and years of self inflicted pain and suffering until they figure it out. And yes, it is very painful to sit on the side and watch the violence in Iraq unfold but if they want to engage in this path then that is the choice they have chosen.

Now we hear that with the Dems winning the 2006 elections that Iran and Syria might be willing to talk (according to CNN TV) and help the U.S. and Iraqi's end the bloodshed in Iraq (The UK is also looking to talk with Iran and Syria). Which is a huge step toward at political solution to end he violence. This is more proof to me that the only way to end the chaos in Iraq is through diplomacy. Already we are seeing the positive results of a Democratic victory of Congress. The minute the Dem's won, these supposed "enemies" are now willing to talk and work together to end the violence in Iraq. If Bush rejects their olive branch then we will have wasted a HUGE gem of an opportunity.

The Democrats are committed to diplomacy, (diplomacy which has settled disputes for centuries) finesse and compromise to form unified countries with the same goal. The more neighbors in the region (and other countries) involved in the process the more influence, determination and greater chance we have of solving this mess in Iraq. Basically, we need a geo-political intervention lol.

It is time to end this failed, Bush administration unilateral foreign policy that has brought nothing but increased violence and isolation in the world.

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Anonymous said...

James, as my grandpappy used to say to me, "Inviting the Iranians to the negotiations table is like inviting the fox to the hen house"...which was a strange thing to say, now that I think about it, as Iran was "Persia" back in grandpappy's day.

Tom said...

I am not keen on your analogy here, James.

The people of Iraq are living in hell. The people are not in need of motivators to rouse them to improve their lot; they are living in a lawless environment and having great difficulty tending to their basic needs.

I agree with the NECESSITY of America leaving Iraq, but find Levin's rationalization that places the blame on THE PEOPLE of Iraq non-compassionate in the extreme.

It is the government of Iraq that is living in the protection of The Green Zone in Baghdad that must be forced to make terribly hard choices.

james said...


My analogy was meant for the Iraqi people who are in charge of making decisions. As well as the Iraqi soldiers and police.

I guess I didn't word that post too well.

Tom said...

But I am still troubled by your analogy.

I am not sure that the Iraq government should be ridiculed in a general, non-specific way. The people in the government have relatives in the country who are particularly apt to being kidnapped, tortured and killed.

The whole situation is a nightmare.

I am of a mind that the Biden Plan is the way to go. It creates significant regional autonomy and leaves the central government responsibility for only those things that it can do.

There is only so much blood we can squeeze out of a Baghdad radish.

james said...


I didn't know the particulars of the Biden plan. From what you said about it I think it's a good idea to explore.