Friday, November 03, 2006

Saddam Hussein Verdict Won't be a Surprise.

The GOP echo chamber will be trying to politicize the saddam verdict that was postponed for November 5th. Two days before the election. Whitehouse Press Secretary Tony Snow admitted that it would be a factor in the elections.

Snow said, “You are absolutely right, it will be a factor.”

The problem for the Republicans is that the verdict won't be a surprise to most Americans and that will limit the impact on the elections to being more of a spit then a punch. Of course Hussein will be found guilty. I fail to see how that will sway many voters as so many other "turning points" have come and gone and failed to make much of a dent in ending the war and even reducing the violence. The Iraqi elections, capturing Saddam, killing Zarqawi, etc. In fact, these events have mostly only spurred on more violence. Furthermore, many believe (including the U.N.'s chief anti-torture expert amongst other experts) that torture in Iraq is worse now then under Saddam!! At the very least it has remained about the same.

Because of all these failed "turning points" most Americans are jaded and not convinced that the war is being won and rather that it is in fact getting worse day by day.

And how is his conviction going to help us get out of Iraq?? Saddam has long ago ceased to be a factor in Iraq.

If anything his expected conviction will only spur on more violence from his supporters.

Of course he should be convicted but any effect this will have on the outcome of the U.S. mid-term elections will be extremely limited in my opinion.

Most people have already made up their mind this close to the elections and it doesn't look very good for the GOP. The die has pretty much already been cast.

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Kvatch said...

"Saddam Hussein Verdict Won't be a Surprise."

But now that we have it, I guess we could call it the most expensive guilty verdict in the history of the world.

james said...


Yeah, I wonder if they'll lynch him up in public?

libhom said...

November Surprise!

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james said...


Yeah, it's the worst kept surprise in some time.