Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rumsfeld Resigns

Ding-dong the witch (Oops! I mean Rumsfeld) is dead!!

Bush said that a "fresh perspective" is needed at the Pentagon. No, ya think?!!!! What took you so long dumb ass. Er, I mean dubya??? It's o.k. I'm telling myself. Bush is a slow learner. He rides the short bus.

Bush said that this was in the works for awhile even though Bush expected Rumsfeld to stay on to the end of his administration. This change is critical but it must not just be, "a different face on an old policy" as Congressman Ike Skelton said.

John Roberts who is embedded with the U.S. troops was saying that many officers and troops were saying off camera that Rumsfeld "resigning" was a good thing. Many saying that Field Marshal Von Rumsfeld had become a distraction in fighting the war in Iraq.

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fashiongirl said...

James I think put it best...

"President Bush trades one old white guy for another."

1 said...

not sure sure what the difference will wrapper for the cracker?

James said...


Well said.


Yeah we shall see.

Tom said...

The good news is that Gates is/was a part of the Baker/Hamilton Iraq study group which is expected to come up with a new approach to Iraq.

I think that Bush quickly dumped Rummy to try to blunt any examination of Dubya's failed Iraq policies. With a new man at the DOD, and new approaches, the Dubya Administration will say that the Rummy Reign is old news.

We can hope that Bush will start doing the right thing -- even if it is for the wrong reasons.

james said...


That is indeed good news that he is/was apart of the Baker/Hamilton commission. I'm going to be very interested in their findings.

One thing that I hope Gates does is engage in talks with Syria and Iran.

Tom said...

Good point, James/Eugene! Supposed enemies are precisely the ones we should seek out to talk with!

Swimsuit said...

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james said...