Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I want to vote like the Iraqi's!!

Election day is finally here and I'm excited because we really have a great opportunity to change the direction of the country. I'll be up as late as it takes to see the results.

However. I am (and have been for a looooong time) worried about our election system. I anticipated voting machine problems and I'm already hearing of problems here in my home state of Colorado. If Republicans didn't want to appear like they were weak on preventing election fraud then why did the Republican held government oppose a verified paper trail for ALL voting machines across the country???

My hope is that one of the first things that a newly elected Democratic majority would accomplish would be such sweeping legislation to repair our voting process once and for all. So many people are skeptical that their vote will even count in the so-called "greatest Democracy in the world!!!"

Why can't we just go low-tech like many countries do with their voting process. In Iraq where Bush constantly heralds their "free and fair elections" they vote on a piece of paper that is put in a clear box for everyone to see. I want the purple finger only I would dip my middle finger in the purple dye. I think that is exactly the kind of system that we need to go back to. I don't care how long it takes to count the votes and know who won. It's the best way to ensure that everyone's vote gets counted properly. To mess with that kind of vote someone is going to have to literally shred hundreds of pieces of paper or torch them and that is much more unlikely then to just slip a virus infected disk into an electronic voting machine that has no verified paper trail.

I'm holding my breath.


Tommy Gnosis said...

Drinks on me, everyone!

Finally a good day for American after a very long, dark winter. Obviously the hard work is yet to come, but I find it immensely gratifying that there are so many Americans out there that feel similarly. Feels like only a handful have been beating this drum for six years.

james said...


I'll take a whiskey sour...CHEERS!!!!