Wednesday, November 01, 2006

CBS: Maliki fears that situation in Iraq "nearly out of control." Plus, more on Kerry comments.

David Edwards
Published: Tuesday October 31, 2006

Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki is telling his inner circle that the situation in Iraq is "nearly out of control," according to CBS News intelligence sources. The Inspector General warns that Iraqis don't even have the capacity to fund or maintain their army. The Pentagon is being called upon to provide better weapons and armored vehicles to Iraqi security forces.

GOI: Pretty much the only reason that Maliki is still president is because of the Shia militias want him to stay. His government would be toppled if he falls out of line with al-Sadr and other Shia warlords. So instead of working on breaking up the Shia militias Maliki is basically answering to them, cowing to them and keeping them going.

And you mean to tell me that despite the billions of dollars that we are sinking into the black hole of Iraq that the Iraqis still can't fund their military?? If you can't fund your military and if that military is incapable (or willing) to defend the country (which is the governments number one responsibility) then you can't really call yourself a government!! Basically the Iraqi "government" is a branch of the U.S. government (and a failed branch at that. Kind of like FEMA). How long do we have to fund their broken government?!! It's like funding your child who spends all their money on drugs. We're an enabler of this supposed government that has a shadow government of corrupt officials and militia members!!!!


Shifting gears, I have further comment on the Kerry statement. He says it's a botched joke and the desperate Republicans are trying to make this an issue in a campaign where Kerry isn't even running for re-election!! Furthermore, you have V.P. Dick Cheney making ambiguous statements that seem to bolster support for water-boarding. Cheney is saying that he was taken out of context and wants us to take him at his word. And yet the Republicans want Kerry to apologize for something that Kerry feels was taken out of context!!

I will give Cheney the benefit of the doubt if the Republicans do the same for Kerry but I doubt that they will. Cheney is now stepping into the Republican spin machine to attack Kerry but Mr. "Last throes" doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Then you have Tony Snow saying that Kerry should apologize for this supposed "insult."Snow says that an apology is an easy and obvious step to take when others have been offended by one's comments. O.k., let's take that path for a minute. If we are to take Snow at his word and believe that Kerry should apologize then I want to ask what Bush has apologized for??? Because he has offended thousands if not millions (if you include people around the world). Has Bush apologized for the war in Iraq? No. Has he apologized for the not finding WMD in Iraq??? No. Has he apologized for taking advantage of the 9/11 tragedy to try and connect it with Saddam??? No. Has be apologized for saying there was an al-Qaeda-Iraq connection??? No. Has he apologized for the "Mission Accomplished" banner??? No. Has be apologized for the Katrina aftermath??? No.

And of course the lap dog, "liberal," cable t.v. media is clueless and refuses to ask these appropriate questions.

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Kvatch said...

He says it's a botched joke and the desperate Republicans are trying to make this an issue in a campaign where Kerry isn't even running for re-election!!

And the...he did f*cking apologize. Just one...all I want is one Democrat with cojones!

james said...

I hear ya.