Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bush: Cheney, Rumsfeld will remain. Sounds like, "Stay the Course" to me!!

If Bush is kicking his "stay the course" mentality on Iraq as he would like us to believe then why is he saying that he will keep Rumsfeld and Cheney on board until the end of his presidency? Sounds like stay the course to me if you keep on two of the main guys who created this Iraq fiasco.

Most likely he's keeping these clowns on board because they know all the secrets.

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Tom said...

Bush's statement strikes me as totally bizarre.

For starters, he can't fire Cheney; Cheney's elected.

And, right, why after all the stuff about how he never said "stay the course", and giving a nod to the Baker-Hamilton commission, and saying "benchmarks" in Iraq are now good [even though "benchmarks" are the same as a "timeline" which was so distained], does Bush scuttle all that FIVE DAYS BEFORE THE ELECTION to lock himself in with the horrible Same Old, Same Old till the end of his term.

THIS ought to get headlines tomorrow; THIS means that the slaughterhouse in Iraq will be going full speed for two more years. Instead Kerry's muttonheaded goof is a continuing big story.

james said...


Yeah I don't get his inclusion of Cheney into the mix either. Except to say that Bush is just a plain idiot.