Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Poll: GOP Leaders put Politics Ahead of Protecting Teen-Age Pages. O'Reilly Claims North Korea Wants to Influence November Elections with Nuke Test.

An overwelming majority of people believe that the Republican House leadership was more concerned with their political standing and power then the safety of Congressional teen-age pages. Seventy-nine percent to ten percent according to the latest New York Times/CBS poll.

In other news,

Bill O'Really (mispelled on purpose) claimed that North Korea tested their alleged nuke device to influence the November elections. And that said claim isn't partisan but fact. He claims they did so because they hate Bush so much.

I seriously think he is in need of some anti-psychotic medicine because of his delusions and paranoia.

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Tommy Gnosis said...

Does Kim Jong-Il even know that we have elections here, let alone mid-term Congression elections?

O'Reilly is off his meds and on the Jim Beam again, apparently. Keep him away from the falafel.

James said...


The sad thing is that there a lot of people who believe this crap.