Sunday, October 08, 2006

Newsweek Poll: Republican Meltdown.

GOI: Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill) chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee mopped up the floor with Republican Rep. Adam Putnam (R-Fla., chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee today on, This Week on ABC.

His best moment was when he said the following (and I'm paraphrasing a bit): You guys, (Republicans) came to power to change Washington but Washington changed you. You came to Washington with a "Contract with America" and they are now in breech of contract.

GOI: It's now more like a "contract with corruption."

(applause) Man, that was spot on and not only does it hit its target but it deeply digs into the rotting flesh of the current Republican party.

For the first time since 2001,
the NEWSWEEK poll shows that more Americans trust the Democrats than the GOP on moral values and the war on terror. Fully 53 percent of Americans want the Democrats to win control of Congress next month, including 10 percent of Republicans, compared to just 35 percent who want the GOP to retain power. Virginia Republican Sen. John Warner declared that the United States had 90 days to quell the violence in Iraq, or risk losing the war. To top it off, on Friday an aide to Karl Rove resigned over the Jack Abramoff influence-peddling and corruption scandal.
GOI: And this Foley scandal and seeming cover-up puts the icing on the cake of Republican corruption of power and the Constitution in Washington D.C.

Meanwhile, the president’s approval rating has fallen to a new all-time low for the Newsweek poll: 33 percent, down from an already anemic 36 percent in August. And Americans are equally divided over whether or not Speaker Hastert should resign over mishandling the situation (43 percent say he should, but 36 percent say he shouldn’t). The scandal’s more significant impact seems to be a widening of the yawning credibility gap developing between the President, his party and the nation. While 52 percent of Americans believe Hastert was aware of Foley’s actions and tried to cover them up, it’s part of a larger loss of faith in Republican leadership, thanks mostly to the war in Iraq. For instance, for the first time in the NEWSWEEK poll, a majority of Americans now believe the Bush administration knowingly misled the American people in building its case for war against Saddam Hussein: 58 percent vs. 36 percent who believe it didn’t. And pessimism over Iraq is at record highs on every score: nearly two in three Americans, 64 percent, believe the United States is losing ground there; 66 percent say the war has not made America safer from terrorism (just 29 percent believe it has); and 53 percent believe it was a mistake to go to war at all, again the first time the NEWSWEEK poll has registered a majority in that camp.

GOI: No one is buying this GOP rhetoric anymore that Iraq is making America safer from terrorism. In fact, no one is buying anything they say or do anymore.

As a result, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s approval rating has fallen to just 30 percent, (GOI: It should be lower) and more Americans believe he should resign than remain, 48 percent vs. 37 percent. And while a plurality of Americans approve of the job Condoleezza Rice is doing as Secretary of State, 48 percent vs. 32 percent who disapprove, on the heels of Bob Woodward’s bestselling critique of the Bush administration, “State of Denial,” a solid majority, 58 percent, believe Rice did not pay as much attention as she should have been expected to pay to the domestic terror threat posed by al Qaeda before 9/11. (Only 22 percent believe she did.)

Democrats now outdistance Republicans on every single issue that could decide voters’ choices come Nov. 7.
In addition to winning—for the first time in the NEWSWEEK poll—on the question of which party is more trusted to fight the war on terror (44 to 37 percent) and moral values (42 percent to 36 percent), the Democrats now inspire more trust than the GOP on handling Iraq (47 to 34); the economy (53 to 31); health care (57 to 24); federal spending and the deficit (53 to 29); gas and oil prices (56 to 23); and immigration (43 to 34).

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Julie O. said...

In fact, no one is buying anything they say or do anymore.
Except the press.

And here's how cynical I am. Despite these poll numbers, I'm sure we can expect more than one unexpected upset and a Republican winning a seat by the exact same margin a Dem should have won.

Yes, I'm bitter.

james said...


Yep, I hear ya. I won't believe in a Democratic win until the day the vote is certified.