Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hastert Accepts Responsibility over Page Scandal.


If Dennis Hastert (and others in the Republican house leadership) are taking full responsiblity (as he said in his press conference) then is he not admitting that he is to blame? If the buck does indeed stop with you and your leadership then you deserve taking the heat and blame!! People need to understand that point.

You can't take responsibility of a scandal involving the exploitation of a minor and not incur blame. Even more reason that he resign (and for others to as well). Hell, look at the private sector that the Republicans love so much. If there is a high profile sexual harrassment scandal then heads role.

Hastert went on to say in his press conference that America is safe under the Republicans (which I totally disagree with). Except of course Dennis for our under-age pages!!

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OTTMANN said...

You don't get it. Dems have made accusations created from a prank by Pages. Dems are dumber than all the crap in the sewers!

This has sealed the November elections for Republicans. Democrats are literally history!

Thanks you ABC!

Lynne said...

John, you have your very own troll!

Lynne said...

I meant James. Duh.

james said...


Nice propaganda. I need a dramamine to stop the dizziness of all that spin.


Yeah. whoopeeeeeeeeee!!!

Tommy Gnosis said...

Dems have made accusations created from a prank by Pages.

Hmm. Who's wearing the tinfoil hat now? Word to the wise: try not to let Rx Limbaugh do your thinking for you, or you're liable to end up sounding like a moron. Literally.