Monday, October 02, 2006

Foley Saught to Rendezvous with Minor. Checks into Rehab. Snow Blows off Instant Messages.

In addition to explicit sexual language, former Congressman Mark Foley's Internet messages also include repeated efforts to get the underage recipient to rendezvous with him at night.

"I would drive a few miles for a hot stud like you," Foley said in one message obtained by ABC News.

GOI: Meanwhile, Whitehouse spokesperson Tony Snow blows off the internet messages as "simply naughty emails."

Simply naughty emails?? Simply??? First of all tell the kid that these were simply naughty emails. Snow (who remember, speaks for the President) seems to be insinuating and that this teen just has to swallow this. Secondly, given the above statement from Foley that he wanted to meet up with the minor it wasn't "simply naughty emails" Tony, so you're lying. And third you hypocritical slugs were all over President Clinton for his affair with a CONSENTING ADULT However, with this scandal involving the sexual exploitation of a CHILD, a MINOR you want to blow it off as "nothing to see here?!!" Yeah, way to stick up for the child and his rights Snow. You people are disgusting. I'm literally sick to my stomach over this whole scandal. I think the thing that is the most disturbing is that these House Republican leaders let this go on!! They KNEW!!!!

It's disgusting that these Republican's knew about these "naughty emails" and let Foley slide in the name of politics!! We know where their "values" lie. They are obviously more concerned about maintaining power of political office then the rights and fragile emotions of a minor.

Now Hastert is changing his story yet AGAIN saying he didn't know about these emails until we all knew via the ABC new story. It's just too suspicious for me to believe Hastert now that this has blown up.

How can you sleep at night?!!! The only reason they are calling for an investigation now is because they got caught. Disgusting. DISGUSTING!!!

I understand that now Foley is checking into rehab. He should be in jail instead. Just because he was a former Congress person doesn't mean that he can get away with this just by checking into rehab. Hopefully he won't. Ever seen the Dateline NBC show, "To Catch a Predator?" They need to have one called, "To catch a Congress person."

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thepoetryman said...

Imagine the reverberation if it were the other side? I'd be saying the same thing I am now about this crime, but they...they would be reversing at breakneck speed! Sad and despicable....

Nice post.

Kvatch said...

With a little luck Foley will get *REHAB IN JAIL*! It might go something like this:

"Hi, I'm Mark Foley, and I'm an alcoholic."

"I got 12 steps for you. Git over here, BITCH!"

james said...




Yeah, he needs to be locked up for sure.