Thursday, October 19, 2006

FBI investigates Beauprez for Governor campaign in Colorado. Also, Rumsfeld led by God?? Not any God that I'd believe in!!!

By Stuart Steers, Alan Gathright and Marilyn Robinson, Rocky Mountain News
A criminal investigation that now involves the FBI sent shock waves through the race for Colorado governor Wednesday.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation announced that it had determined that someone accessed information in an FBI database on Carlos Estrada Medina, who has been the star of a TV attack ad against Democrat Bill Ritter.

That ad was sponsored by Republican Congressman Bob Beauprez, and he and his campaign staff will now be interviewed by FBI agents.

The CBI said it has asked the FBI to join in an investigation of the circumstances surrounding the use of the database. It is illegal to use federal databases for anything other than law enforcement purposes and violators can be sentenced to prison and fined.

Beauprez has said he knows who the source of the information is, but he’s refused to disclose the source’s identity. He has said the information was given to the campaign in confidence.

(GOI: What and IDIOT!!! He's going to WITHHOLD information from the FBI?!!! No wonder Democrat Bill Ritter has a double digit lead. My great state of Colorado doesn't want someone who is willing to break into federal records and withhold information from the FBI to win a campaign for Gov!! Then again what do we expect from a current Republican Congressman from this corrupt Congress).

"We got the information from a credible source," Beauprez said Wednesday. "I know the information is indisputably true."

Dreyer criticized Beauprez for refusing to reveal the source.

"He has had the ability over the last six days to defuse this, but he refuses to come clean with the public," said Dreyer.

"This is significantly bad news for Bob Beauprez," said Eric Sondermann, a Denver political analyst. "It won’t bring any swing voters or wavering Republicans to his camp."

GOI: As Bill Ritter said, "It’s a serious trust issue by a congressman who says, ‘Hold me accountable.’ "

In Rumsfeld news:

MIAMI (AFP) - The top US general defended the leadership of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, saying it is inspired by God.
"He leads in a way that the good Lord tells him is best for our country," said Marine General Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

GOI: This kind of statement makes me glad that I'm a Buddhist!! I do though kind of believe in a "God" of sorts but it is not a belief in an individual "God" that floats around in the sky. Rather a Divine force that is found in all of us. And it is certainly NOT the kind of "God" that talks to Rumsfeld telling him what's best for America!!! I think that's called a hallucination and requires anti-psychotic medication. I'd recommend a high dose of Risperdal.

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Julie O. said...

Maybe Beauprez is counting on one of those delicious plea bargains.

Here's what I find most disturbing about all those people who say God is telling them what to do: based on the outcome of those decisions, it is very clear that God is incompetent, retarded, a mischievous Loki-like entity or all of the above.

(My image of a "god" is similar to yours. I tried to be atheist for a while, but it felt wrong.)

james said...


Ha!! It would be ironic wouldn't it if BB ends up needing one of those plea bargins that he has criticized Ritter for doing. The thing is too that the average DA plea bargins some 90% of the time as Ritter did.

The only "God" that Rumsfeld knows is the "God of War."

Kvatch said...

I blogged on the Rumsfeld inspired by the De--I mean--God thing as well--seriously the scariest thing I've read in the past week.

james said...


Very scary. I mean, I know it's Halloween and all but DAMN those words are scarier then any horror movie that i've ever seen!!