Saturday, October 21, 2006

Conservative Hypocrisy Over the So-Called "Death Tax."

The fiscal Conservative position of opposing an estate tax (what they call the 'death tax') is pure hypocrisy and absurd when seen in the context of their "boot straps" theory.

The boot straps theory goes a little something like this. "No one gave me anything I had to pull myself up by the boot straps." First of all this is assuming that everyone has boots at all let alone boot straps with which to pull one self up into the "American Dream." That meaning that some people live in an environment where they don't have a lot of advantages to be able to succeed as the unforgiving market place and society demand. Not everyone has the perfect combination of luck, talents, health and strengths to keep up with the speed of life.

Sometimes people just need a helping hand and some extra help. As a society we are only as good and successful as our weakest link. It benefits society to liftup the least among us. This is what Jesus taught after all so how can Christian convservatives admire Jesus and yet be against social services that help the poor, disabled and otherwise downtrodden?? That is breath-taking hypocrisy. I know that they are for faith based charity but what if you're not a Christian and/or belong to their chuch?? You're just screwed??? No, society has a responsibility to take care of it's people and ESPECIALLY the least among us. Irregardless of religious affiliation (or no affiliation).

But back to the issue at hand. These rabid anti-estate tax folks want to pass on their fortune to their kids so these offspring can maintin the upper-class, wealthy lifestyle and socialite status that their parents enjoy. Yet they demand that the poor and disadvantaged pull themselves up by their boot straps even though they don't have any boots or arms in some cases!!! So it's o.k. for the rich kids to be given every advantage available from their wealthy and powerful parents. However, it's NOT o.k. for poor or otherwise disadvantaged kids and adults to receive benefits and services that are a tiny morsel of the fraction that the wealthy kids inherit?!! As if the wealthy can't afford to pay extra taxes to help more people then just their spoiled rotten single digit number of kids!!

The wealthy always say that they made their money because of America's freedoms. Yeah, that's true and that is why if you hit the big time then you owe a debt to that very country and government that provided the stable and advantageous environment that you benefited from. And the way that you pay the government (the people) back for helping you along the way is in taxes. If someone who is making $30,000 is taxed at 25% then they are going to feel that burden a lot more then someone who is making $100,000 will if taxed at that same rate. In other words a sliding scale of sorts is called for. Or a progressive tax policy if you will.

Then there is the affirmative action hypocrisy from some wealthy, upper-class conversatives. They are against giving a helping hand to poor or disadvantaged students. However, very o.k. with their kids being given preferential treatment and granted access to an Ivy League school simply because they donated a chunk of money to the university/college or they themselves went to said upper-crust school. Legacy affirmative action in other words.

This incestuous passing of wealth back and forth between the blue bloods is disgusting and beyond hypocritical. Especially if they call themselves "Christian." Remember you anti-estate tax "Christian" conservatives that Jesus said it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle then for a rich man to enter Heaven!!

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Tom said...

I completely agree with your post!

EMPLOYMENT ought to be the money-exchange that is taxed the least, yet it is taxed the most! The thing that would most benefit our country is to encourage work. Industriousness is benefitial; creates goods, keeps people out of trouble.

YET the money-exchange the Republicans want NOT TO TAX AT ALL, is inheritance that goes from a rich dad to his lazy, no-account son.

It makes no sense at all, except to those in the I-GOT-MINE-SO-SCREW-YOU Party, popularly known as the Republicans.

james said...