Monday, September 18, 2006

King Bush Wants to be Above the Law


So Bush wants to change the law on torture retro-actively. This alone should convice those fence sitters that they have indeed tortured people and broken international law. Why would you need to retro-actively change a law unless you had broken it and were desperately trying to change the law to keep yourself out of jail for war crimes??? You just can't change a law after you commit a crime!! Can you imagine one of these child predator serial killers being able to retro-actively change the law so that they would be able to walk away from their horrible crimes?!!! I don't think so and our leaders shouldn't get special treatment. If they have broken the law then they must pay.

Remember back to last weeks press conference where Bush had his meltdown over torture? It's pretty damn scary when the "leader of the free world and 'Democracy'"can not define human dignity! What kind of "Christian," "Democratic" "leader" is blury on what is a human rights abuse?!! What is so dignifying about water boarding? What is so degnifying about putting woman's panties over the heads of detainees while a dog barks viciously a few feet away??? Human rights violations and violations of human dignity are like pornography--you know it when you see it.

The Republicans keep telling us that we are in a new world and a new kind of war so that requires new "tactics." That is so breath-takingly absurd and so so wrong!! (As Randi Rhodes says) We have faced some aweful people before in the past and we didn't feel the need to torture. Remember the Bataan death march during WWII where our soldiers were tortured? Did we reply in kind? NO!! In Vietnam our boys were tortured (just ask John McCain) and did we respond in a similar fashion? NO!!

When we sacrifice human rights for "safety" then we have lost everything that America stands for that is good, moral, just and Democratic. In that case we have already lost because we have become animals just like the terrorists who themselves torture.

If we keep going down this road then we will continue to be seen as a growing rogue state that must be brought to justice. Not to mention countries like China aren't going to have any reason to change their human rights policies with this kind of example coming from the "leaders of the free world."

And just wait for the 14 detainees who were previously held in these secret prisons who are coming to Gitmo to testify. The things that they are going to say will shake this country to it's very core (or at least it should. I don't know about people anymore). No wonder they don't want to allow these people lawyers or a real trial. No wonder they want to keep evidence secret and try them in secret courts.

Shifting gears a bit:

In an other issue, many people didn't hear Bush last week when he said that he wouldn't invade or attack Pakistan (who is harboring terrorists including Osama bin Laden) because they are a SOVEREIGN NATION!!!!!

Pressed on why he opposed the idea of sending a large contingent of special forces to Pakistan to hunt bin Laden, Bush said his strategy was to work with Pakistan's government.

"First of all, Pakistan is a sovereign nation," Bush said. "In order for us to send thousands of troops into a sovereign nation, we've got to be invited by the government of Pakistan.

Not that I think we should invade Pakistan but ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? What the f**k was Iraq????? Since when has a country being a "sovereign nation" stoped the Bushies from invading a country?!! (bashes head against computer then curls up into a ball in the corner, begins shaking and says, "make it stop. make it stop!!!").

I'm tired of being nauseous everyday and feeling like I need to take three showers just to feel clean because I'm a citizen in Bush's "America."

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Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker said...

As part of the British Commonwealth, is Canada considered a soveriegn nation? I only ask because, you know, they hate our freedom.

james said...

Sorry Rex, not sure what you mean exactly. Can you clarify please?

james said...

I understand now. Damn Commie Candadians. ;)

H. said...

Amen brother. At least we're in the same town so we can all keep each other company in our bomb shelter/cave when the consequences come a'knockin...(or a'bombin, whatever)

What a nightmare.

Let's just get drunk and laugh about it all. Unfortunately, we have to wake up and hear it all over again....and again....and again...

The insanity.