Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bush Tries to Manipulate 9/11 for Political Gain.

Last night's speech by President Bush was a national disgrace. The Republican President took a solumn observance and turned it into a cheap and nauseating political propaganda stump speech. He could have taken the high ground and used his time to honor those lost on September the 11th. However, he did not take that road but chose rather to go down the road of conflating and bluring the lines between Iraq and the war on terror. All of this propaganda despite admitting several times that Iraq and Saddam had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks. There was no connection. Even a Republican dominated Senate committee recently agreed that there was no connection. He is a damn liar. He is telling us to trust him. Ha!

We have absolutely no reason to trust him. He tells us to trust him out of one side of his mouth and then openly lies to our faces out of the other side of his mouth. Being the 5 year anniversary of 9/11 he should have NEVER brought up Iraq since we all know that Iraq had nothing, zero, nada to do with the 9/11 attacks.

Again he said that, "America did not ask for this war." No, we didn't ask for the war against Osama bin Laden who attacked us on 9/11. As for Iraq, however, we were forced into that war by his misleading speeches and "intelligence." He took us over the cliff and is now trying to pass the buck and put the blame on all of us.

He went on to echo Cheney's words that Iraq should have been invaded even without knowledge of WMD because the Saddam regime was "dangerous." This is again misleading as there are dozens of governments around the world that could be labeled "dangerous" and yet we don't invade them. Why? Because of course we can not police the world.

Then he claimed that his administration has tightened security around our sea ports. How? Using the United Arab Emirates government???

Bush also said that freedom is the greatest weapon and that all people should be free. Yet (as Keith Olbermann stated last night), when people use that freedom to disagree with and fight the Bush Republican policies in Iraq they are condemned as "appeasers of terrorists!" So really, they believe in freedom only when you use that freedom to agree with them.

He then again tried to compare himself to FDR and Truman in trying (yet again) to compare the war in Iraq with World War II. Saying that they stayed the course and so would he. Thus trying to insinuate that he was somehow in a similar moment and thus a great President as they were. Bullshit you asshole.

His final message was that we all need to unite to this test that "history" has given us. No, George. You and your cadre of suedo Republicans have drug us into this "test." Thanks for nothing.

For his own part Cheney yesterday repeated the lie that we haven't been attacked in five years. What about the anthrax attacks, DICK?!! No one has been brought to justice over those attacks yet.

Tony Snow said today that before 9/11 that probably no one would have been focusing in any serious way about Osama bin Laden. Clinton was. Yet, you have Republicans all over the place blaming Clinton for not doing enough about bin Laden! Which is it Republicans?!! What about the 8 months before 9/11 when the Bush administration did nothing about Osama bin Laden??? At least Clinton tried to kill him. Yes, we didn't kill him but at least we tried. Bush didn't even try until AFTER the 9/11 attacks!

A reporter then asked an excellent question mentioning that the President said we need to put aside our differences. Was the President talking about Iraq or something different? Snow said that it refered to winning the war on terror. Yet, isn't the war on terror in Afghanistan? If they are saying that it involves Iraq then isn't that statement of Bush's about not being able to disagree on the President's policy on Iraq???

In other news,

Sen. John Boehner said today (in talking about the Democrats), "I wonder if they're more interested in protecting the terrorists than protecting the American people," he said at a news conference. "They certainly don't want to take the terrorists on and defeat them ."

That's the leader of the Republicans in the House. Apparently that's the message that Republican House candidates want to put out there is year. Fine. I think most Americans will reject such a message.

This is one of the most disgusting and appauling statements that a politician has EVER said. He should apologize to every American for such a nasty lie.

(Photo: Way to step all over the flag W. I thought your party was against the desecration of the flag!! What the hell do you call that?! Photo Credit: Born at the Crest of the Empire)

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Lynne said...

"No, we didn't ask for the war against Osama bin Laden who attacked us on 9/11."

I'm not so sure about that. It seems to me that 9/11 was a message to get out of that region of the world, an area we have been meddling in for 100 years.
A March 2002 issue of the Monthly Review, reports:
Since September 11, the United States has set up military bases housing sixty thousand troops in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan, along with Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey, and Bulgaria. Also crucial in the operation is the major U.S. naval base at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. All told, the United States now has overseas military bases in almost sixty countries and separate territories (see Map 1).

I believe in a very real way we did ask for the 9/11 attacks to happen through our foreign policy. And when I say "we" I mean our leaders. The rest of us are just victims, much like those we slaughter overseas.