Friday, May 05, 2006

Why We Won't Prosecute Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Others

I celebrate the conviction of Moussaoui as everyone does and especially that we did not give him what he wants--death.

However, Moussaoui is a loser. A failed terrorist. There are several people (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Ramsi Binalshibh) that were more connected to the September 11th attacks that we have in custody but have yet to prosecute. Chief among them being Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who is considered the "mastermind" behind 9/11. These men are in custody in a "third country" for "questioning."

Why won't we prosecute?

Because we tortured them plain and simple is the most likely answer. That is what the Bush administration calls "questioning." Any information that (KSM and RB) could have had they probably have already given or they will never give. At any rate, should we prosecute them then America (and the world) would learn that we tortured them and the government does not want that to happen for obvious reasons.

If that's not the case then let's get them in a court RIGHT NOW.

Former 9/11 commissioner Richard Benveniste has talked about these issues as recently as the other night on "Hardball" with Chris Matthews.

Unfortunately we will probably never know the truth nor see them prosecuted--if they're even still alive.

UPDATE: Experts: Don't Expect New al-Qaida Trials.

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Anonymous said...

u actually beleive there were people behind september 11????!!!!!!!!!!!
how ignorant can u americans be??!!!