Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Rupert Murdoch Loves Hillary Clinton

(CBS) To call them a political odd couple would be a rash understatement.

Conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch will host a fundraiser for liberal New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, the Financial Times reports.

The mating ritual of the unlikely allies has been under way for months. Clinton set political tongues to wagging last month by attending a Washington party celebrating the 10th anniversary of Fox News, the cable news channel owned by Murdoch.

GOI: Democrats and Liberals should not nominate Hillary Clinton in 2008 unless we want want to loose--big time. She is too polarizing of a figure and carries wayyyy too much baggage.

However, the biggest reason is Republicans and Conservatives WANT to run against her because they know that if they nominate a Rudy or McCain then they will mop up the floor with her.

THIS is why I think that Murdoch is wanting to boost her campaign.

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Tommy Gnosis said...

Democrats and Liberals should not nominate Hillary Clinton in 2008 unless we want want to loose--big time. She is too polarizing of a figure and carries wayyyy too much baggage.

James, Democrats and Liberals should not nomimate Hillary Clinton because she's not a liberal (and she's barely a Democrat). She still has yet to recant her support for this disastrous war, let alone articulate a position on it that sounds anything dissimilar from the President's intractible and ridiculous position. In fact, from all that I've read, she seems to support George W. Bush 100% on Iraq.
To make matters worse, she supports crypto conservative window dressing legislation like the Communications Decency Act, among her other inexplicable positions.

I think, in this instance, Murdoch has everything to gain. By giving support to a "democrat", he looks a little bit less severe to the mainstream Fox audience who is now turning on the President, and Hillary gets some much needed blood money for her Presidential campaign. A marriage made in hell, they both deserve each other!

The extremist in me wants to send home every rep or senator who voted to give Bush the power to start this war regardless of his/her party affiliation. The democrats were cowards for going along with this bullshit, and they all (up to and including the Honorable John Kerry) deserve to be sent home on a rail. But.. I know that his is probably not practical. We need somehow, to try to forge a legislative majority out of these bastards, to try to correct the very dangerous course we're on.

In the meantime, however, it woudl be great if someone could do a Stephen Colbert dance of truthiness on Hillary. She's no liberal, nor is she a friend of them. She's a Zell Miller or Joe Lieberman.

Full disclosure: I am an active member of the Democratic Party in Connecticut, and will be working all out this spring and summer for Ned Lamont to unseat Joe Lieberman in the Democratic Senatorial Primary.

Kvatch said...

Same goes for Gore. The man is admirable as hell, but the Clinton era is over. It's tactics are worn, and we won't win with them. We need more progressive agenda that appeals to a broader base.

james said...


Yeah, GO JOE GO ... out the senate doors and GO HOME!!!


I agree. I think we should push for someone like a Russ Feingold, a Wes Clark or a John Edwards.

Jeremy said...

Very well said. I love Hillary, but these days, that doesn't matter. We NEED to win, and she's not going to let that happen. Conservatives hate her. Moderates are weary of her. Liberals like her less and less as she moves to the center.

james said...


Yeah, this is bigger then one person or one issue. We must take back power to bring sanity back to America and Hillary just isn't going to cut it.

We need someone who is able to reach out to the middle grounders and pull this country together again.

PTCruiser said...

I like the Feingold idea, James. Good to see we're thinking along the same lines. Just a matter of seeing which way the party leans this time. Hopefully the pendulum is swinging back our way.

Zen Unbound said...

The Democrats have lost two consecutive presidential elections, both times choosing the supposedly surefire electable guy running him against The Idiot, and we lost both times.

Now I have to tell you, I am an easy Dem voter. I have voted against the Dem in an election only once: Cruz Bustemonte for Lt. Gov in California in 2002, otherwise I happily -- and sometimes joyously -- vote for the Democrat every time.

I think the last two presidential cycles show it is a mistake to virtually let the Republicans choose our candidate for us. I say this even though I think the world of both Gore and Kerry.

I will vote for Hillary in the Dem primary in 08. She is a true liberal, but she is also determined to get things done.

AND WE MUST GET THINGS DONE. It is too late now. The sirens are sounding. We have to start getting things done. There is no money anymore for much progressive legistlation. Besides, we would have to have hundreds more progressive congressmen and they are not forthcoming.

I am a leadpipe cinch. I will vote for whatever Dem is nominated. But I want things done. The environment of the world is screwed. There were no nukes in Iraq, but there are loose WMDs all over the world. Our country is spending itself to hell. The reputation of the USA is shot. Ours is no longer the shining nation on the hill. We don't need to export democracy elsewhere, we need to find some for ourselves and stop having fully bribed and paid for politicians. There are mega disasters looming. This is a horrible time; we simply must start fixing things. We absolutely must.

I think that Hillary offers the best opportunity for that. But we Democrats must not eat our young. We have to find someone able.

For the record, I am delighted the Republicans are likely to choose McCain or Guiliani. They are not like the morons we have seen.

Zen Unbound said...

BTW, interesting read about the conservative Repub. candidate for pres in 08, George Allen, in The New Republic. The guy is scarry as hell. Suspended from high school for painting racist graffiti all over his school. Had the confederate flag on his car and as a lapel pin on his senior picture -- while going to school in Southern California! His sister's book describes him as abusive. Keep a noose in his office -- representing the lynching of blacks, I gather. People who went to school with him couldn't stand him.

Chris said...

James, I'm somewhat in agreement with you here.

I'm been saying for months now that if Hillary wants to be the nominee, then she will be. But she won't win the general. Well, she'll beat Jeb Bush and that is about it.

Personally, I hope she doesn't run. Politically, I hope she does.

My guess, and I'm usually wrong with predicting things, but my guess is Gore will return for '08 and win.

I also think Mark Warner in Virgina is awesome. Then there is also Jim Webb from Virgina who I would quit my job and sell my home and go work on his campaign if he asked. The Dems do have really great candidates. It's our primary system that never lets those candidates get through.

I will disagree, however, with some of the commenters on here with the Clinton's. I find relief that the left wing is mad at Hillary and Bill.

Tommy Gnosis said...

I'm still at a loss to understand why Hillary is so popular even among the posters here. She's done nothing but steer right since she was elected to the US Senate (from my former state of New York, where I did actually work on her campaign in 2000), and her position on Iraq is indistinguishible from Bush's, which I think most of us disagree with. Why would she be good for the country as President?

She triangulates as cynically as Bill did, but she has none of the political charm and skill to pull it off.

Tommy Gnosis said...

For the record, I am delighted the Republicans are likely to choose McCain or Guiliani.

You might be a little less delighted if you had lived in New York during the Giuliani administration. Rudy is one ruthless, arrogant, demagogic SOB that does whatever he wants regardless of who helped him. He is pretty much an amoral bastard who showed his human side in the days following 9/11, but make no mistake about it, this is no one that you would want to give any authority to. In the days of his mayoralty, police violence and even torture were the norm.

As for McCain, he's turned his back too many times on his ideals for him to be a viable candidate from the RNC.

james said...


Yeah, the thing that I like about Feingold is that he is consistant and stands up for what he believes in.


I don't know. I just don't trust Hillary. She seems too wishy washy and that is not the kind of behavior that will get someone elected in my opinion.

You're right that we need someone able to win in '08 and I really think that Hillary is not that candidate. She will unify the Republican base and they will get out and vote and easily defeat her. That is what I am seeing.

As for George Allen? WoW!!! Thanks for the info. I had NO IDEA that he was such an extremist. He doesn't seem to be the sharpest knife in the drawer either. YIKES.


Exactly, she won't win the general and that is indeed what we should be looking at. We tend to only look at who we like in the primary and we tend to pick "dead on arrival" candidates. We must look at the bigger picture and select someone in that light.


Yeah, you're spot on.


I agree. She's just Bush lite.

Chris said...

Paolo, I'm not sure Hillary is "popular" with me. But if she is the nominee I will vote for her. I vote my party, it's just that simple.

If I could write out a list of ten people that I would like to see run for president as a Democrat, Hillary wouldn't be on it.

I have faith that anyone, a monkey with air in its lungs or a person in a comma would be better than Bush-- and certainly I have faith that a Democrat would "be good for the country as president."

I am glad to see that you are involved and do work on campaigns. I don't care of anyone's party affiliation as long as they do work and become involved. It's the loud mouth, drug addicted, fat slobs like Limbaugh and the other neocons who only want to play the politics of personal destruction while trumping wars that annoy me.

I've been working on campaigns for 10 years now and just recently left Sen. Obama's staff as director of political affairs. I'm always glad to hear of others who know the importance of campaigns and issues.

James, thanks for the space man.

james said...



Helen Wheels said...

Hillary is as centrist as you can get without going over the the right. She is not against the Iraq War and I really hope she doesn't get the nomination. I honestly think Al Gore would be the best candidate.

james said...


Yeah, she would be a disaster for the Dem's and the country in general.