Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Failed States Index

The failed states index is out from the people over at Foreign Policy and here are some of the results (hope the link works). 11 0f the top 20 were in Africa:

1). Ivory Coast, West Africa: This is the country I lived in for two years in the 90's and it was actually one of the most developed African countries at the time (although it was still quite under-developed and oppressive). However, it now has obviously deteriorated since. Being a neighbor to Liberia is part of it as well. I was surprised though that it took top billing over Sudan and Iraq.

2). Dem. Republic of Congo

3). Sudan

4). Iraq

5). Somalia

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Kvatch said...
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Kvatch said...

exas - No income tax...come on!

California - Income taxes from hell but government also...from hell.

North Dakota - I shouldn't need to explain this.

Louisiana - Or this.

Jeremy said...

Hey, aren't we occupying one of those in the list?

Actually, how do they define "failed?" Does it include "hating us for our freedom?"

james said...


Yeah Texas would have to be up on my list as well (in regards to the U.S. states). Although I'd probably have to say the top would be Wyoming, Utah (shudders) and then Idaho (not to mention several of the southern states).


They rate them based on like 12 points or markers.

1). Political
2). Economic
3). Military

And social indicators of instability public services and human flight.

Well said on hating us for our freedom. :)

Oh and we rank something like 132.