Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Snow Job

From and The Huffington Post

WASHINGTON - President Bush on Wednesday named Tony Snow, a conservative pundit who has nonetheless been critical of the administration, as his press secretary — the latest move in Bush’s effort to remake his troubled White House.


The Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank, circulated unflattering observations by Snow about Bush.

“His (Bush’s) wavering conservatism has become an active concern among Republicans, who wish he would stop cowering under the bed and start fighting back against the likes of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Wilson,” Snow wrote last November after Republicans failed to win the governor’s race in Virginia. “The newly passive George Bush has become something of an embarrassment.”

GOI: The following comes to us from the Center for American Progress:

– Bush has “lost control of the federal budget and cannot resist the temptation to stop raiding the public fisc.” [3/17/06]

– “George W. Bush and his colleagues have become not merely the custodians of the largest government in the history of humankind, but also exponents of its vigorous expansion.” [3/17/06]

– “President Bush distilled the essence of his presidency in this year’s State of the Union Address: brilliant foreign policy and listless domestic policy.” [2/3/06]

– “George Bush has become something of an embarrassment.” [11/11/05]

– Bush “has a habit of singing from the Political Correctness hymnal.” [10/7/05]

– “No president has looked this impotent this long when it comes to defending presidential powers and prerogatives.” [9/30/05]

– Bush “has given the impression that [he] is more eager to please than lead, and that political opponents can get their way if they simply dig in their heels and behave like petulant trust-fund brats, demanding money and favor — now!” [9/30/05]

– “When it comes to federal spending, George W. Bush is the boy who can’t say no. In each of his three years at the helm, the president has warned Congress to restrain its spending appetites, but so far nobody has pushed away from the table mainly because the president doesn’t seem to mean what he says.” [The Detroit News, 12/28/03]

– “The president doesn’t seem to give a rip about spending restraint.” [The Detroit News, 12/28/03]

– “Bush, for all his personal appeal, ultimately bolstered his detractors’ claims that he didn’t have the drive and work ethic to succeed.” [11/16/00]

– “Little in the character of demeanor of Al Gore or George Bush makes us say to ourselves: Now, this man is truly special! Little in our present peace and prosperity impels us to say: Give us a great man!” [8/25/00]

– “George W. Bush, meanwhile, talks of a pillowy America, full of niceness and goodwill. Bush has inherited his mother’s attractive feistiness, but he also got his father’s syntax. At one point last week, he stunned a friendly audience by barking out absurd and inappropriate words, like a soul tortured with Tourette’s.” [8/25/00]

– “He recently tried to dazzle reporters by discussing the vagaries of Congressional Budget Office economic forecasts, but his recitation of numbers proved so bewildering that not even his aides could produce a comprehensible translation. The English Language has become a minefield for the man, whose malaprops make him the political heir not of Ronald Reagan, but Norm Crosby.” [8/25/00]

– “On the policy side, he has become a classical dime-store Democrat. He gladly will shovel money into programs that enjoy undeserved prestige, such as Head Start. He seems to consider it mean-spirited to shut down programs that rip-off taxpayers and mislead supposed beneficiaries.” [8/25/00]

GOI: Here's Tony Snow commenting on racism back in 2003: Snow said on an October 2003 edition of Fox News Sunday, "racism isn't that big a deal anymore."

Back to the AP story:

Unofficially, the White House tried to put the best face on Snow’s criticism, suggesting it showed that the administration listens to different voices and noting that Snow’s job called for him to be opinionated.

GOI: With "different voices" like these who needs enemies? I think it's time to give them a taste of their own medicine. Remember this one??: FLIP-FLOP!!! FLIP FLOP!!! FLIP FLOP!!! I welcome Mr. Snow with open-arms given that kind of in-depth, harsh criticism of Bush. I'm sure though he'll put on his sycophant face any minute now, and strap on his leash. I wonder how much he gained from selling his soul and integrity to Bush? Hmmm. I'm sure Snow will bring his "unbiased, fair and balanced" indoctrination with him to this new job. Frankly I'm surprised that they didn't just go right with Rupert Murdoch himself.

However, why stop with Tony Snow? How about John Gibson for Secretary of State (since he hates pretty much every country but the good old U.S. of A. Mr. "my country right or wrong"), Neal Cavuto for Sec. of the Treasury, Oliver North or John Negoponte for Sec. of Defense, Bill O'Liely for U.S. Ambassador to France and Sean Hannity for top propaganda minister, oops, I mean top speach writer.

The White House: Brought to you by FOX News.

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andi said...

husband and i were discussing this on the way in to work today. i said, "aw come on, that's no fun. why didn't they call anderson cooper?"

"or bill o'reilly," husband added.

"the white house can't afford him," i answered. "but anderson cooper - oh, just for a day, for someone to step up, go off script and give us the fly-on-the-wall viewpoint of a white house breakfast briefing."

i shiver with useless anticipation.

maybe snow thinks he'll be helping out the cause - playing cyrano to woo back the american people who seem somewhat disenchanted these days. i've also heard that snow's agreement was based on having more control over the white house press room than mcclellan had, and that he may be planning a pretty hefty reorganization.

ought to be interesting, anyway, to see what direction the spin takes.

either way, it's still down the toilet.

Jeremy said...

Hmmm...another Fox news/Bush admin connection. Hey, maybe Snow can interview Dick the next time he shoots someone in the face, and then can turn around an hour later to answer questions about it from the press!

james said...


I want Keith Olbermann. He'd blow the lid off of that incestuous place.


You got it right my friend. Now the White House has a direct conduit to their own propaganda news channel. Talk about government run news. It's the new and improved fascism!! Get your brown shirts now folks...they're going fast!