Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mixed Opinion about the McClellan-Rove Shake-up

WASHINGTON - A Bush administration shake-up continued Wednesday, with White House press secretary Scott McClellan announcing his resignation and adviser Karl Rove shedding some duties.

GOI: (Dances around while singing) "Ding-dong the witch is 'dead!!'" Oh thank the Heavens!!! Don't let the door split ya Scott where Mother Nature split ya!!

I know this won't change the policies of the Bush administration (which is needed more then staff changes) but oh boy was McClellan an arrogant, snotty, pain-in-the-ass, S.O.B weasel. I know, I know. Tell us what you really think of him James!!

I hear also that FOX news model Tony Snow is on the top of the list to replace McClellan and it makes sense as the White House already uses FOX to dissiminate their propoganda out to the masses.

Sorry to go off on McClellan but damn was he a nusance and a royal pain in the ass. I know that most White House Press Sec.'s have to be liars but he took the cake. Good riddance.

Rove is giving up oversight of policy development to focus more on politics with the approach of the fall midterm elections.
An administration source told NBC that the shift was “an acknowledgement of the tough political climate.”

GOI: Don't know whether to cheer or be worried about Rove shifting duties to the mid-term campaigns as he's such a mud slingin,' dirty politic player. Brace for a national, "swift-boat," smear campaign coming from "Bush's Brain." Just look at the smear campaign against those brave, heroic generals who have stood up to this administration and Sec. Def., Field Marshall Donald Von Rumsfeld.This administration (led by Rove) smears anyone that dares disagree and criticize them.

Look for ads showing critical Dem's as "terrorists" just like they did to triple amputie Vietnam vet former Sen. Max Cleland of Georgia. Republican candidate Saxby Chambliss not only questioned but denied Cleland's patriotism!! They also ran a sickening ad showing him [Cleland] morphing into Osama bin Laden. Get ready for more of the same sh*t with Rove focusing purely on the 2006 elections. Smearing and attacking is Rove's forte but things will get especially dirty now that he's fully in charge of backing Republican candidates from the White House. Especially now that the White House and the Republican led Congress and Senate has no accomplishments to claim so they'll resort to digging into that nasty bag of sh*t again.

They all make me sick.

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Kvatch said...

But hey, you've got to have a fantasy pick, right? Who, of all the people in the world?

I'd go with the ubiquitous PBS voice-over guy. :-)

james said...

I wouldn't be the least bit shocked if they bring in the current CEO of Exxon-Mobil.

Either that or Dick Cheney will take over and be the VP, President AND Press Sec.

Total domination is what he's after anyway.

Kvatch said...

Well now we know. [smirk] :-)

james said...

I love Bill.

Zen Unbound said...

Maybe I am as ignorant as a rock, but I don't think the Rove methodology is going to work this coming election go-round.

The electorate seems to be getting wise. And sick to death of anything that has touched that poison toad, Bush.

BTW, you see the new RollingStone cover, James?

james said...


Yeah I don't think that even Rove and help the Congressional Republicans win in the fall.

As for the Rolling Stone cover. I have seen it and want read the article and do a write up here about it.