Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Iranian Situation

I am concerned about the saber rattling coming out of the administration and from its sycophants lately in regards to a military strike on Iran.

Here's the deal from my point of view.

Of course we should have a plan of military action. That is a given with many countries. The reality of defense means that you have to have a contingency plan for many possible military situations that may or may not occur.

However, in regards to Iran the military option should be put waaaaay up high on the highest shelf. This is because right now the large, young population (a majority of the countries population) in Iran is mostly pro-western (a rarity in the region). And a military attack on Iran would risk turning the young population against us and push them to cozy up with the Iranian regime.

Besides, a U.S. attack would most likely set off a regional war pulling Lebanon, Israel and Syria into the mix.

Not a good idea AT ALL.

We may not have a choice at some point but to launch attacks. However, we should try to kick that can as faaaaar down the road as possible.

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Chris said...

Yeah, we're just a little bogged down in Iraq right now too.

I'm sure we probably have some contingency plan to invade Canada if need be. I agree that it's no big deal that we have plans laying around to attack Iran. Actually I'm glad that we do. But because of Bush's blunder in Iraq, an attack on Iran, which poses a much greater risk than Iraq ever did, should not happen; at least not by this president.

Bush sure has us in a mess.

Jeremy said...

James, I really think we have kicked this down the road, and perhaps unintentionally. As Chris said, we're way, way too preoccupied in Iraq to do anything in Iran, except from the air.

I think military strikes, even from this cowboy bullshit administration, isn't even an option they would take seriously, let alone the American people or the world.

In the meantime they will be smearing Seymore Hersh, as if the mess we're in is all his fault.

Tom said...

This can might not have too much road to be kicked down.

News this morning is that Iran is further along in processing uranium than was thought possible.

Nonetheless, I am not sure what we can do. Intelligence in Iran is as bad as intelligence in Iraq was, I hear.

Iran will be hiding their processed uranium, and if we attack, the whole country will turn against America, of course.

Too bad Bush has things so bumfuzzled we can't really gather help from the world community.

There are simply too many nukes out there that can be moved around too easily. Life on this planet is going to become like living in mobland: survival to the fittest gangsters.

james said...


Mess indeed. We are in more danger now then BEFORE 9/11 in my opinion.


Yeah I think that containment and diplomacy are the only way to go. This administration seems to have forgotten the success of containment in dealing with the former Soviet Union.


I'm not sure what options we have either. And you are right that a hit on Iranian nuke plants wouldn't get everything.

Especially if a lot of their stuff is deep underground and using a nuke is insanity. However, I wouldn't put insanity past this administration. They've shown it before.