Saturday, April 29, 2006


Kickin' it in my new t-shirt.

(That's some of my art behind me and of course the Lord Buddha).

---End of Transmission---


Kvatch said...

Sweet. Do you wear it in public?

james said...


Ohhhh YEAH. Today was my first day of wearing it out in public and actually got quite a few smiles and one "Right on."

Which is interesting given I live in a red county of a red state.

The tide is turning.

james said...

Correction: Actually I live in a purple county in an increasingly purple/blue state.

Kvatch said...


It's funny, but even though I live in the country's biggest liberal echo-chamber, I'd probably hesitate to wear an "Impeach Bush" tea-shirt in public. Just enough crazies around here to give me pause.

And yet, I think nothing of distributing these little guys around the city. Odd...

james said...


I love your army men project...I've been following it closely.

Blake said...

Boss. Agreed. It's time we all wore an impeach shirt. I'm getting mine today.

dbackdad said...

Great shirt!

I have a No-W t-shirt that I've worn in public here in AZ ever since mid-'04. I was suprised that I rarely got a negative reaction. Just confusion or a thumbs-up.

Keep up the fight!

james said...


Rock on. Yeah let's start a movement.


Keep wearin' it man!!

neal in colorado springs said...

love the shirt, i go to college in colorado springs up the street from focus on the family and next door new new life church which has thousands of members, and i love wearing my "jesus is a liberal" shirt to school and watching the reactions. we all need to get the word out and be proud of the message.

james said...


Ahh, in the heart of the beast, eh? Way to shake things up with that T. I totally agree with you by the way that Jesus was indeed a liberal.