Monday, April 24, 2006

Bush Approval Rating Falls to a New Low in CNN Poll

Only 32% of Americans agreed with the way the president is handling his job. And a poll of poll shows that the average trend is toward 30% or ever lower. Even the latest FOX News Bush sycophant Channel's poll has him at 33%!! His approval ratings are lower then snake hips.

Bill Schneider had some interesting commentary on the CNN poll. Saying that only 4 presidents had poll numbers this low and lower:

-Harry Truman: Didn't run for re-election

-Jimmy Carter: Defeated after one term

-George H.W. Bush: Defeated after one term

-Richard Nixon: We all know what happened to him.

-George W. Bush??

All signs point to "Yes."

All of these low numbers don't matter to Bush though which is obvious since he doesn't read newspapers and has refused to change his dismal policies. Jo-jo the idiot circus clown (and he is an insult to clowns) is too busy playing "God" with his toys in the sands of greater Arabia to care.

Let them eat cake George???

Bush response: What's cake?

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mikevotes said...

And these numbers have been reached without any congressional investigation or oversight, only what the press has been able to scrape out.

Also, looking at some of the internals on alot of these polls, I don't see how Bush really ever regains too much. The 45% strong disapproval number, the majority who don't believe he's honest. I just don't see a way out for the administration.


james said...


I agree. I can't see him pulling the nose up on the last 1,000 days of his presidency. I think as these scandals grow the number will just keep dropping.

andi said...

my dad mentioned last weekend that even my granddad (who was a rabid bush supporter) has been utterly sickened by the corruption he's been seeing under w's reign.

and this is a man who fought proudly in wwii in the european theater, and who whole-heartedly supported the latest invasion of iraq.

blew me right away to hear that granddad's lost his love for the ruling party.

james said...


Yeah it's cool that even hard-core supporters and waking up. My parents have voted Republican their entire lives and now regret their voting for him.

I just wish they would have figured him out at LEAST by the 2004 election.

They let the wedge issue of abortion push them to Bush even though they agreed with Kerry on everything else.

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