Saturday, November 19, 2005

Withdrawal Plans Popping Up Everywhere Now.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The top U.S. commander in Iraq has submitted a plan to the Pentagon for withdrawing troops in Iraq, according to a senior defense official.

Gen. George Casey submitted the plan to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. It includes numerous options and recommends that brigades -- usually made up of about 2,000 soldiers each -- begin pulling out of Iraq early next year.

The proposal comes as tension grows in both Washington and Baghdad following a call by a senior House Democrat to bring U.S. troops home and the deaths of scores of people by suicide bombers in two Iraqi cities.

Rumsfeld has yet to sign Casey's withdrawal plan but, the senior defense official said, implementation of the plan, if approved, would start after the December 15 Iraqi elections so as not to discourage voters from going to the polls.

GOI: I would support waiting until after the December elections to withdrawal and keeping a lightning force of Marines in Kuwait able to move back into Iraq if needed.

This is exactly what Rep. John Conyers and Rep. Murtha have been pushing for.

I wonder if Conservatives are going to come out now and smear Gen. Casey as "unpatriotic," "cowardly" and "treasonous."

In related news:

An unscientific CNN poll found that 85% of participants agreed with a plan to withdrawal from Iraq in 6 months. Now there is probably a margin of error here but probably not by much if 85% are saying yes. It seems like a pretty good indicator of where many Americans stand right now on the issue of troop withdrawal. I am pretty sure as well that CNN has some mechanism in place to prevent people from voting more then once. I could be wrong, however.

Oh and I guess the 85% of the people that voted "yes" in this poll are "unpatriotic" and "cowards" according to Conservatives as well.

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Underground Logician said...

As to Gen. Casey, I don't know if he's unpatriotic, cowardly or treasonous. Do you? It looks like there is a possibility to begin re-deployment in 2006, depending on how the elections go.

As to those who voted on CNN, I don't know. Did they say they were scared and wanted our boys home? Why six months? Is that a magic number? Why not wait until things are stable, which could be six months, it could be a year.

Oh, by the way, since you are so concerned for the troops, did you know we still have troops in Bosnia? Do you want some sort of plan for troop withdrawal for them too? Clinton never gave us any timetable, nor did the ever so caring liberal democrats demand one from him. I wonder why. Maybe you could help fill in the blanks for me.

Underground Logician said...

I'm also very glad that the resolution calling for immediate withdrawal of troops in Iraq was overwhelmingly defeated yesterday evening, 403-3. Makes my heart glad that so many of our politicians are in favor of keeping the troops there.

Makes me wonder why the Dems and some moderate flip-flopping Repubs were raising such a ruckuss. And all along they didn't want an immediate withdrawal anyway. That's nice.

james said...


I'm not even going to argue with you anymore. You aren't even reading half of what I write here because if you were you probably wouldn't say half of what you are saying.

Feel free to still post and debate with others but I'm done.

We go round and round here and it's driving me insane. Debating with you is like trying to find a corner in a round house.

Please don't criticize my decision or call me names or insult my decision. I respect your intelligence and opinions enough that I will refrain from doing the same.

However, I feel it is time that I disengage from debating issues with you because it is making me too angry and I need to pull away.

Zen Unbound said...

Yes, UL. The fake legislation that Duncan Hunter submitted was not what Murtha called for.

It was Duncan Hunter's legislation. So I am sure, unless he is pure weasel meat, that HE voted for it and it prepared to be voted out of office next year.

Allow me to fill in the blanks for you re Bosnia, UL. I believe it is the case that not a single American soldier died during the operations (and ongoing whatever)in the former Yugoslavia. The operations there were fully planned, successfully completed, and then there was a withdrawl of American offshore forces. It is a great tragedy that a stellar liberal American like Clinton isn't in charge of things in Wash. today. [eg, Gore, W. Clark, Kerry, H. Clinton]

Underground Logician said...

Yes, but soon he'll be in charge of the U.N., and that means he'll rule the world. Then you will be glad again.