Monday, November 21, 2005

Rumsfeld: "I Did Not Advocate Invasion."

WASHINGTON: US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld yesterday asserted that he did not press for the US-led invasion of Iraq.

"I didn't advocate invasion," Rumsfeld told ABC TV, when asked if he would have advocated an invasion if he had known that no weapons of mass destruction would be found in Iraq.

The US defence chief added: "I wasn't asked," when asked whether he supported the March 2003 invasion

Asked on ABC television's "This Week" program if he was trying to distance himself after the fact from the controversial US decision to invade Iraq, Rumsfeld replied: "Of course not. Of course not. I completely agreed with the decision to go to war and said that a hundred times. Don't even suggest that."

GOI: So he was against the invasion of Iraq but buckled to the Cheney peer pressure once the plan was annouced.


If I was against invasion and the administration went ahead with it anyway I would have resigned. Then again I have some scruples and that is not something I can say for most of the Bush sycophants in the administration.

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Isabella di Pesto said...

So let me be clear on this: The bloody Secretary of DEFENSE
didn't "advocate invasion?" And he wasn't ASKED whether he supported the March 2003 invasion?

But he "completely agreed" with the decision?

And bloody Secretary of STATE at the time, Colin Powell, is ashamed of the incorrect information he gave to the UN in his famous speech on the aluminum tubes?

And the bloody PRESIDENT of the country said (through his then press secretaary) that it was WRONG to have put the 16 words on the Niger uranium into the SOTU address in January 2003.

Why aren't these criminals in jail? Why?

And James, you would be a vast improvement over the cabal that's running the country.

james said...


Yeah, they can't even get their own stories straight let alone convince America that they didn't mislead us.

dbackdad said...

With this and the whole Murtha - Jean Schmidt thing (and the baffling McClellan criticism, then backtrack), you really get the feeling that they're losing some of their swagger and confidence.

James said...


Yep, the wheels are flying off the train.

Also, I want to know how the Secretary of Defense knows NOTHING about an INVASION!! He's the leader of all U.S. forces and yet he had no say in the invasion?!!