Sunday, November 13, 2005

O'Reilly: "What I Said Isn't Controversial."

Appearing yesterday on a conservative San Francisco radio show, Bill O’Reilly offered his first public comments since being criticized for saying he would approve of an al Qaeda terrorist attack on the California city.

O’Reilly not only stood by his comments, but claimed they “needed to be said”:

I mean, look, everybody knows what’s going on there. What I said isn’t controversial. What I said needed to be said.

GOI: Dear Buddha!!! Not only does he not apologize for his comments but he doesn't even think it is controversial!! Well, I'd hate to see then what O'Reilly thinks is controversial!!!

Republicans are always saying that Democrats are unpatriotic and treasonous just for diagreeing with the President. However, O'Reilly's comments on advocating terrorism are apparently neither unpatriotic, treasonous or even controversial!!

He is truly suffering from delusions and needs to seek psychiatric help.

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Isabella di Pesto said...

Bill is nuts. I guess that's what happens when you overdo the falafel.