Thursday, November 03, 2005

Italy Warned U.S. About Uranium Documents

Associated Press Writer

ROME (AP) -- Italian secret services warned the United States months before it invaded Iraq that a dossier about a purported Saddam Hussein effort to buy uranium in Africa was fake, a lawmaker said Thursday after a briefing by the nation's intelligence chief.

"At about the same time as the State of the Union address, they (Italy's SISMI secret services) said that the dossier doesn't correspond to the truth," Sen. Massimo Brutti told journalists after the parliamentary commission was briefed.

The Niger claim also is at the center of a CIA leak scandal that has shaken the Bush administration, leading to last week's indictment of Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff, I. Lewis Libby.

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Blake said...

So, do you think the media will make this into the bigger story it should be? Or, is the only MSM attention going to stay on the Plame leak?

james said...

I think that the MSM is going to try and sweep it under the rug.

I am going to try and keep following it though on my blog at least.

Jeremy said...

Yet somehow this is still all Joe Wilson's fault.

This is an absolute STAPLE of this administration.

They lie their asses off, and then smear the wistleblowers. How DARE anyone question their bullshit?

Jeremy said...

Also - I think MSM is "their" term, that is now unfortunately associated with "liberal media" which obviously doesn't exist.

I think we should use "corporate media" in our language when we paint a picture of American media. Only 5 corporations own almost every single thing you see, hear or read, and that puts a huge gag order on the entire lot of them.

I think that phrase also associates back to Republicans, and MSM associates somehow - for reasons totally fucking beyond me - to progressives.

james said...

Corporate media is a MUCH better term and more realistic.