Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Delay Could Face Federal Charges

By Holly Yeager and Stephanie Kirchgaessner in WashingtonPublished: November 22 2005 00:05 Last updated: November 22 2005 00:05

The likelihood of federal charges against members of Congress intensified on Monday when a key player in a broad corruption probe pleaded guilty to conspiracy and agreed to co-operate with investigators.

Under a plea agreement with the Department of Justice, Michael Scanlon, a former aide to Tom DeLay, the powerful Texas congressman, admitted that he had conspired to defraud four Native American Indian tribes that operated or hoped to operate casinos.

Mr Scanlon and Jack Abramoff, a Republican with close ties to Mr DeLay, earned more than $80m from Indian tribes from 2001-2004. Those transactions are being examined by the Senate Indian affairs committee, and by federal investigators.

Mr Abramoff has been indicted in Florida on fraud and conspiracy charges involving gambling boats.

Court papers in Mr Scanlon’s case also allege that a congressman received campaign contributions and valuable gifts, including a trip to Scotland to play golf, in exchange for official acts to benefit clients of Mr Scanlon and Mr Abramoff.

Mr DeLay and his supporters have accused Travis County district attorney Ronnie Earle, a Democrat, of being on a political witchhunt.

It would be more difficult for Mr DeLay or other Republicans to make such claims about federal prosecutors.

GOI: Don't forget that many Republican Representatives and Senators have donated to the Tom Delay defense fund as well as having received money from Delay. I know that here in Colorado both (R)Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (the Rep. in my district) and (R) Rep. Bob Beauprez (who is now running for Gov. of Colorado) have both donated and received money from the indicted ex-House Majority Leader.

I urge you to type your Representative's or Senator's name into google with "donated to Tom Delay defense fund" and/or "received money from Tom Delay." If it comes back that they have given and received money from Mr. Delay then I urge you to do everything that you can to kick them out of office in the up-coming 2006 election. Writing letters to the editor of your local newspapers is a great way to expose their connections to indicted Delay.

Oh yeah and 19% approval VP Dick Cheney is going to hold a fund rasier for dear old Tom and on Dec. 5th my damn birthday none the less!!!


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Blake said...

My fingers are crossed.

mikevotes said...

I'm down here in Texas, and no Republican's are free from Delay money. Taking money in and of itself isn't necessarily a crime, but taking bribes sure is.

I've seen numbers up to 36 in and around the capital and administration that might be involved in the investigation.

That would be enough to change the Congress from Red to Blue.

The talking heads that are in the know(read connected)are saying this could be the biggest scandal in congressional history.

My greatest hope is that we can get rid of Crazy Cornyn through this whole deal.



james said...


Mine too and my toes!


Yeah, break out the broom!!