Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bill Frist: GOP Leaked Info on Secret CIA Prisons

Senator Trent Lott (R-MS) told CNN's Ed Henry Tuesday afternoon that he believed it was a Republican senator who gave information about secret CIA jails abroad to the Washington Post.

Lott said that much of the information contained in the Post report -- which stated that the U.S. was holding terrorist suspects in secret CIA jails overseas -- was discussed at a meeting of Republican senators last Tuesday.

Lott noted that Vice President Cheney was also in the room for that discussion and Lott said point blank "a lot of it came out of that room last tuesday, pointing to the room where the lunch was held in the capitol." He added of senators "we can't keep our mouths shut." He added about the vice president, "He was up here last wek and talked up here in that room right there in a roomful of nothing but senators and every word that was said in there went right to the newspaper." He said he believes when all is said and done it may wind up as an ethics investigation of a Republican senator, maybe a Republican staffer as well. Senator Frist's office not commenting on this development. The Washington Post not commenting either."

GOI: Just heard on CNN: This new leak allegation has been sent to the Department of Justice and an investigation seems to be imminent. As a friend said, "Of course, some things should be kept secret. Like the identity of certain folks working for the CIA, for example." ;)

In other news, the White House threatens to veto the Senate anti-torture bill:

Yesterday evening, John McCain passed an amendment to the next military appropriations bill which if followed would end such practices by simply requiring the treatment of detainees to be held to the standards in the Army field manual. Bush claims he's going to veto it. This would mean the first, and so far only, veto of Bush's entire presidency would be performed in support of torture.

GOI: If the Bush administration is SO against torture then why do they oppose this anti-torture bill?!!! In my opinion It can only mean that yes, the Bushies DO torture and they don't want to get CAUGHT!!

If it looks criminal and acts criminal, THEN IT'S CRIMINAL!!!

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Lynne said...

I love how quickly and forcefully the Republicans jump on this investigation while allowing the Plame leak case to languish to such an extent that Reid had to pull his "stunt" to get them to move.

james said...


Yeah, I'm tired of these Republicans.