Friday, November 18, 2005

Another Republican Political Stunt

WASHINGTON (AP) - House Republicans maneuvered for swift rejection Friday of any notion of immediately pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq, sparking a nasty, sometimes personal debate over the war and a Democratic lawmaker's own call for withdrawal.

Furious Democrats accused the GOP of orchestrating a political stunt, leaving little time for debate and changing the meaning of a withdrawal resolution offered by Democratic Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania.

For those reasons, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sent word to rank-and-file Democrats to vote - with the Republicans - against immediate withdrawal of American troops.

By forcing the issue to a vote, Republicans tried to place many Democrats in a politically unappealing position - whether to side with Murtha and expose themselves to criticism, or oppose him and risk angering the voters that polls show want an end to the conflict.

But Democrats claimed the effort had backfired because their party members planned to vote against withdrawal - and the GOP version of Murtha's resolution.

GOI: This resolution introduced by House Republicans is a sham, a typical smear ploy, dirty politics and a political stunt. One simply has to look at the fact that these Republicans purposed a resolution they new they wouldn't vote for. It is a disgrace to the dignity of the House of Representatives, the soldiers and the voice American people who overwhelmingly oppose the direction of this war.

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Underground Logician said...

Poor babies.

Zen Unbound said...

What have we come to that the Republicans are introducing fake legislation?

The specter of Rove and DeLay and their obscene political shenanigans walks the halls of congress.

Where is a barrell of tar and buckets of feathers when you need them?

Underground Logician said...


dbackdad said...

UL -- Elevating the discussion again, I see. :-)

james said...


Yeah, it's getting bad. Talk about dirty politics. These Republicans are starting to sound like whining babies.

Underground Logician said...

Thanks to the Democrats, there's still a shred of decency left in politics. Cut and run, they say, oh yeah, with dignity of course!

Zen Unbound said...

[ignoring UL]...

It is pretty bad when the Republicans, taken over by the ethically-challenged crowd, pervert the legislative process to THIS extent. I mean, sure, they are OWNED by their lobbyists, with their votes for sale to the highest bidder ... but still ... this is a new low, if that is possible.

Zen Unbound said...

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