Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Another CIA Leaker

GOI: Who is Woodward's Source?

The Post disclosed this morning that Woodward testified under oath Monday in the CIA leak case. Woodward said today he had gotten permission from one of his sources, White House chief of staff Andrew H. Card Jr., to disclose that he had testified that their June 20, 2003 conversation did not involve Plame, the wife of administration critic Joseph C. Wilson IV. He said he had "pushed" his other administration source, without success, to allow him to discuss that person's identity, but that the source has insisted that the waiver applies only to Woodward's testimony.

The abrupt revelation that Woodward has been sitting on information about the Plame controversy has reignited questions about his unique relationship with The Post while writing books with unparalleled access to high-level officials, and about why Woodward minimized the importance of the Fitzgerald probe in television and radio interviews while hiding his own involvement in the matter.

GOI: Libby's lawyer is saying that this let's his client off the hook but I think that is premature thinking. Even if you're not the bank robber but the get away driver you can still be found guilty.

One thing is for sure, this CIA leak case if far from over.

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Zen Unbound said...


I read the article your linked to in your post.

Weird. I wonder what in the world the great Bob Woodward is up to!?

I can't understand his duplicity in downplaying the importance of the investigation on talk shows while at the same time concealing his part in this whole thing.

It is also very weird in how Woodward is very much like the disgraced Judith Miller: All snug and wedded to the Bush Administration while, at the same time, acting as an independent, run-amok journalist for one of the two superstar newspapers in the world.

It'll be interesting to see how this shakes out, but it seems like both Miller and Woodward are in bed with Libby and have comprimised their integrity!

james said...


Yeah, this twist in the CIA leak case has me scratchin' my head for sure.

It will be interesting how this shakes out indeed.