Friday, November 25, 2005

Angie Paccione for Congress in Colorado House District 4

I received an email from a fellow blogger in the Colorado 4th district where Colorado state Representative Angie Paccione is running against "The Queen of Hate" (R) Rep. Marilyn Musgrave.

Musgrave is very much in danger and we have an opportunity to take this important seat back. Her approval rating is sagging at around 36% and now is the time to get the word out and make donations.

If you remember Marilyn Musgrave she was one of the first political leaders to call for making marriage illegal for homosexuals and her hatred has no place in the hallowed halls of Congress.

She is also very much in the pockets of "President 30%" Bush and "Pay to play" (R) Rep. Tom Delay.

If you have a moment and some spare cash please visit Rep. Paccione's website and make a contribution.

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Zen Unbound said...

Not only does Marilyn Musgrave stand out for her hateful beliefs, she also stands out for being identified by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington as being amoung the 13 Democrats and Republicans who are the Most Corrupt Members of Congress!

According to CREW, "Musgrave's ethical improprieties involve the misuse of official resources for political campaign activity and from abuse of franking privileges."

james said...


Thanks for those links. Musgrave has also donated a boat load of cash to Tom Delay's defense fund.

em dash said...

Hey James, thanks for the links and support of Angie's campaign.

Musgrave must go!

james said...

em dash:

No problem! Keep up the great work!!