Friday, October 21, 2005

Tom DeLay Mug Shot

Man, that smile looks pretty forced if you ask me. It looks like it is permanently strected with Super Glue. It's like he's smiling as if it is the best day of his life!! When you know he's pissed off as hell.

What a sad, sad man.

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crimnos said...

I am enjoying this prison!

He looks positively bubbly.

james said...

I was rather bummed though that there was the heigth chart behind him. ;)

Underground Logician said...

I think he's a sharp looking dude! Such a nice smile. I wonder if it'll stay once his head falls into the basket after the liberals use the guillotine!

I really wonder if you guys will ever be happy until you get Bush. Hey, there's still three years left!

So many little time!

james said...

Yes, so many little time indeed! Corruption is bringing the Republican majority down like a house of cards.

We will see this week what happens with the Plame-gate scandal.

And yes, I won't be happy with Bush until he is gone. I am a historian and I think that he is the:


I will CERTAINLY be happy when and if DeLay goes to jail.

crimnos said...

Haha, oh no the guillotine! :)

Tommy Gnosis said...

Look very closely... there's fear behind those eyes. I just know it!

james said...


I'm sharpening it up right now. :)


I don't know if can feel fear since you have to have a heart to feel such emotions.