Friday, October 28, 2005

Scooter Libby indicted in CIA Leak Case


I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby has been indicted with the following charges: 2 counts of Perjury, 1 charge of obstruction of justice and 2 counts of false statements.

This is big time.

This is yet another high profile Republican (and senior member of the White House )to be indicted. I guess the GOP now stands for "Guilty Old Party."

"Scooter" will resign immediately no doubt.

I don't think that this is a big surprise and it is the right decision to make as this is an issue of national security. And as we know, national security is something that this administration has hung it's hat upon.

The legal process in these indictments will continue on as well as surely Fitzgerald will move to prosecute Libby.

Hmmm, me wonders if Cheney is involved at all since this DOES involve his chief of staff...hmmm (rubs goatee). I guess we may never know.

Well, so much the claim of Bush that he would bring "honor and integrity" back to the White House.

More commentary to come...

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Underground Logician said...

Could there be a better day? Oh, if we could only get Bush, then everyone in lala land will be happy!

Actually, Libby is not guilty yet. Don't get too excited. Indictments are not convictions, James. You're sounding a bit...eager.

This is an issue of National Security? Yes, Joe Wilson started this whole thing with his lies about Iraq NOT going to Niger to get "yellow cake," when later, to the Senate intelligence committee, he admited that they did. Wilson wanted to undermine Bush's credibility in his state of the union address, which he did through lies and deceit. And this during a time of war. Yes, I'd say that it is an issue of national security too.

By the way, these violations are the same ones that Hillary committed in the travel-gate scandal and cover-up, where she lied to investigators. The prosecutor decided not to prosecute. Do you know why?

As to honor and integrity in the white house, Bush is way ahead of Clinton. Now there's a sleazeball; the fastest zipper in the West!

Zen Unbound said...


You are living too much in a delusional past. Tsk, tsk.

James is right, of course. Bush is far from the Mr. Straight Arrow of his insincere promise. Rove is already known to be involved, yet he still has his job.

If only to rescue his Administration from complete irrelevancy, Bush should CLEAN HOUSE! Bring in Fred Thompson as Chief of Staff! McCain to head the Defense Department! Get a resignation letter out of Cheney; they can blame his heart condition, or some other weak-ass Miers-like excuse. As the new VP for a confidence builder: BARBARA BOXER. It's desperation time in Bush country! MAXIMUM SHAKE UP!!

Zen Unbound said...


Just as soon as Barbara Boxer is sworn in as Bush's new VEEP, I will send you those Powerball Numbers.

Underground Logician said...

ZU: Talk about delusional!

Desperation time in Bush country? Wishful thinking on your part. Bush sidestepped his base, and his base spanked him. He won't listen to Harry Reid again. Now he's at Camp David doing a major rethink, remembering who put him in office. He doesn't have to listen to liberals. He can ignore them completely. Oh, yeah, they howl and scream and act...natural. But he's been living with the noise for a long time. What's a few more decibels.

Maybe at the camp, he'll get smart, close our borders to illegals, use his veto pen and cut pork on either side of the aisle, and nominate a hard-nosed conservative for the Supreme Court.

Then it will be desperation in liberal land. Watch the media and GOI go nuts!

That, my friends, will be fun to watch! We'll see what "Dubya" does.

james said...


You're right, he hasn't been convicted yet. We shall see how it all plays out.

Zen Unbound said...


Yeah. I agree Dubya will now nominate the nutjob of nutjobs for the Supremes, and his choice'll get in after the nuclear option is played.

But the idea that Bush'll change his colors and veto a spending bill is absurd. Bush is manifestly irresponsible; he won't change those stripes.

Underground Logician said...

We have to wait and see whether it's the spending or, as you say, nominating "nut jobs."

Zen Unbound said...

James: Good news from the AP wire, pubilshed in the NYTimes Online, 11/1/05.

Democrats Force Senate Into Closed Session Over Iraq Data


WASHINGTON -- Democrats forced the Republican-controlled Senate into an unusual closed session Tuesday, demanding answers about intelligence that led to the Iraq war.