Thursday, October 27, 2005

Miers Withdrawl

GOI: Other blogs have already hit this story so I'll just simply say that I bet she is relieved to be out of this spot-light as she didn't seem to want it from the beginning.

Now I'm just waiting to see if Fitzy is going to drop the other shoe tomorrow.

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Zen Unbound said...

Tonight, I am feeling sorry for Harriet.

I guess all the comedy shows dumped a load of bricks on her. All the pundits excoriated her. The political cartoonists eviserated her. The media, effectively, raped her.

She will always be known for this one thing: Being the Supreme Court nominee that was dispised and mocked.

But she was just an old-maid, behind-the-scenes, quiet lady, slowly fading away, until infamy was thrust on her. She doesn't deserve having her hair and wardrobe ridiculed; her vapid lovie-ness sneered at; her inadequacies jeered at.

Ours is a cruel society! I mean, if Bush had called to tell ME I was to be his nominee, I'd have taken it! And THEN what would happen? I'd have been the laughingstock of the nation! People would be making fun of MY religion! The conservatives would have been saying how disappointed they were with ME!

crimnos said...

I do have my moments when I feel sorry for her...

Then I realize she took a job for which she was pre-eminently UNqualified in the name of politics and asskissing.

Then I feel better.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel sorry for her at all. If I was nominated, there is no way I would accept the job because I know I am unqualified. She certainly has more qualifications than myself, but I think she is smart enough to know what the consequences might've been by accepting the nomination.

Underground Logician said...

Crimnos: What the hell are you talking about? She was unqualified,...explain the asskissing part? What a cynic!

ZU: I feel sorry for Harriet as well. Although, you think the media raped her, and pundits excoriated her? When she received criticism for he lack of experience? That's being despised and mocked? Perhaps you could qualify what you say. I'd be interested to see who it was that excoriated her, conservative or liberal. Shaw Kenawe's Progressive Eruptions is a great example of how the Left uses Miers to get at Bush; so she's turned into a human "club" to beat up Bush. I'd like to know of any liberal or conservative pundits who personally attacked her. I'd also like to see what you determine to be personal attack.

Anonymous: I feel sorry for Miers because Bush wimped out and tried to nominate someone who could fly below the radar. He needs to tuck in his shirt, square his shoulders, roll up his sleeves and prepart to fight with a nominee that will be Supreme Court material. I wonder if he'll do it.

Zen Unbound said...


I think the pundit class jumped on Harriet fast and furiously. I think it would have been helpful to let the hearings take their course rather than have Bush&Coats&crew go into PR campaigns and have conservatives reassured by her religion.

I read Will's and Brooks' columns re Miers and I think, though their points seem valid and important, they were also unnecessarily meanspirited and precipitous. But I grant you that everything with respect to Supreme Court nominees is quick to come to judgment these days.