Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Iraqi Death Toll Estimates


Associated Press Writer

The number of Iraqis who have died violently since the U.S.-led invasion is many times larger than the U.S. military death toll of 2,000 in Iraq. In one sign of the enormity of the Iraqi loss, at least 3,870 were killed in the past six months alone, according to an Associated Press count.

One U.S. military spokesman said it is possible the figure for the entire war could be 30,000 Iraqis, which many experts see as a credible estimate. Others suspect the number is far higher, since the chaos in Iraq leaves the potential for many killings to go unreported.

The losses are far larger than most analysts and Pentagon planners expected before the war and mean Iraqi civilians are bearing most of the suffering.

"We may never know the true number of the Iraqi public that has been killed or injured in this war," said the U.S. military spokesman in Baghdad, Lt. Col. Steve Boylan. "The Iraqi public has taken the brunt of the casualties."

GOI: The Iraqi's have sacrificed much. Let's hope that things continue to improve for them.

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andi said...

as far as US casualties go (which is in my opinion no more heinous than Iraqi casualties and i don't understand why our dead people seem to be so much more important than Iraqi dead - go ahead, slam me, i'm ready for it) the "official numbers" don't report the folks who die once they leave Iraq - either en route to, or in other hospitals outside the Middle East. According to some reports, we've been at 2000 for a while now. just numbers. meaningless in the face of the grief and loss faced by the victims of this huge lie.

even one is too many.

james said...


Yes indeed. All life is precious.

Zen Unbound said...

This post is cited in Blogmandu, Roundup for Oct. 24 - 30.