Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Grim Milestone

U.S. death toll in Iraq hits 2,000
I dedicate this post to all the fallen and injured soldiers from this conflict.
They will never be forgotten.
In Other News:
Let's get an update from the Osama Clock:
It has been 1,505 days since September 11th and President Bush demanding Osama bin Laden's
capture either, "Dead of alive."
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crimnos said...

It's going to take me a few days to get over this...what a waste of precious life.

james said...


Yeah, it is a very sad day.

Underground Logician said...

This is the grim reality of having a military. 58,000+ in Vietnam; 54,000+ in Korea; 400,000+ in WWII; and 120,000+ WWI. Our nation is worth the sacrifice, don't you think men?

Now from my looking at the history of this blogsite, I'm not sure you know what to do to stop the threat of terrorism. All I know is, James, is that you disagree with our being in Iraq, but you don't want to pull out and leave a vacuum.

I contend that unless we go after the terror networks, they will continue to spawn more terror. Our military presence gives them reason to rally, but it's having a successful terror attack like 9/11 that gets them singing and dancing in the streets, like our "friends" did in Palestine. A weak and limp response to terror is all the more encouraging to the terrorists. I'm convinced that holding back and waiting for them to come to us will increase terrorism, just as it actually did in the '90's. I give Bush credit for attacking the problem, though we, as a country, have never fought a war like this before. And, when doing something new, mistakes, misjudgements and bad strategies come to bear. Sitting back and playing the "concerned expert" brings no added value at all to our conflict.

This country has too many arm-chair generals like Scowcroft who find it advantageous to make the judgments they do and score easy political points in a heated anti-Bush forum in our media.

Crimnos, I don't know how to get over the deaths of any our military men and women other that to be and remain eternally grateful. My wife and I lost a family friend in May in Iraq. We knew what he stood for and his death has made this conflict very personal to us. He leaves a wife and two little ones behind to carry on. Sad. But Kate is not bitter, but grateful.

As to your thinking that it is a waste, check that at the door. You are basing your decisions on information penetrated with anti-Bush rhetoric. It is next to impossible to make any proper generalization inductively, given the nature of information we receive here in the U.S.

If you care about the military and respect what they do, check out what THEY think about the war and what THEY think they are accomplishing in the war. And don't pick out a few dissenters. You want a base of particulars to make a good conclusion, go for the what the majority think.

Amadeus said...

>Our nation is worth the sacrifice, don't you think men?

No, not really, especially when there is no real benefit.

Actually what we are doing in Iraq is a complete waste of time, energy and life. There will be no victory, period. It is nothing more than a quagmire due to this incompetent administration and their foolish foreign policy.

The Arab world sees the U.S. as terrorists and is rising to the occasion to fight us off. There will never be an end to terrorism unless our country’s leadership changes their ways. Terrorism will continue and grow far more than you or I can imagine unless the officials we elect in the country, Democrats and Republicans, change our current corrupt foreign policy and make this country self-sufficient.

The reality is, with our borders leaking like a sieve, Bush playing footsy with the Saudi Royal family and our soldiers getting wasted in Iraq, nothing is getting done with the war on terror. We actually pick and choose which terrorists and dictators to support and that is f’d up. We are no safer than we were before 9/11 and most Americans agree with that. In fact, the war on terror is such a complete failure in not only public opinion circles, but also in application. I guess President Bush’s shame conference was discovered by the media before anyone could even buy the BS. One has to wonder about our new war on the horizon: Avian Flu.

Now with regard to U.S. soldiers in Iraq, Should we cut and run? The only reason to not is that Bush and his cronies made commitments on behalf of America that we will help them. I really still believe that if our borders continue to leak from the north and the south, what we do in Iraq won’t make a hell of a lot of difference, not that it is anyways. Even the vote on the Iraqi constitution was a failure. Between the vote fraud and the dissent, I imagine that a civil war is brewing. (What happened to all the Republicans with their blue thumbs? I guess that fad went out with the Furby)

As for supporting the troops in Iraq, the way I see it is if they were that foolish to join up then whatever happens, happens. It is sad, but there is no draft, so whatever. What I do care about is the waste of my hard earned tax dollars going to nothing but taking care of the terminally wounded U.S. soldiers coming home. I also don’t relish paying Halliburton $200 per glass. Not to mention that they drive vehicles until they run out of gas then dump ‘em to turn around and charge the U.S. Taxpayer $80,000.

The most ridiculous I have heard come out of Iraq is that Iraqis have free healthcare, cell phones and satellite dishes all on the U.S. Taxpayers dime. I wonder what the R's would think about giving free healthcare, cell phones and satellite dishes to all Americans. I guess guilt does strange things to even the stingiest. We can pay for healthcare for Iraqis, but our own soldiers and elderly are getting the shaft with the new Republican proposed federal budget. Go figure.

In short, I actually really don’t care what the number is, whether it is 2000 or 200,000, either way the war is a complete failure and a waste of life. Operation Iraqi Freedom should be renamed to Operation Waste of Time and Money. Maybe this is just karma for our country deeds. How does that saying go? “He, who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.”


james said...


I agree with a lot of what you are saying in this post. Did you know that "Operation Iraq Freedom" was originally called "Operation Iraqi Liberation" or O.I.L.? ;)

Zen Unbound said...


This post was cited in Blogmandu, Roundup for Oct. 24 - 30.

Underground Logician said...


I asked you a question about our country being worth it, and you said no not really and then you jump to Iraq.

Are you saying then, that because we are in Iraq, our country is not worth it? And you think that our country's foreign policy is causing the terrorism? I just want to make sure you are saying that. Would you then see another terrorist attack on our country is due to our foreign policy? Would we deserve the attack? Just want to make sure that this is what you are saying.

For if you are saying the above, then you need to get the hell out of this country, and I'll help you pack. I'll even figure out a way to pay for it if you need it. Then we'll pick a place for you to go, like, Indonesia, or India, or England, Holland. Somewhere in a country whose foreign policy has been favorable to the Arabs so that you can feel secure that they won't bomb you in some bus somewhere. Then you can continue blogging to us telling us how wonderful it is to be an enlightened European, or Asian or South African or even Australian. I will be so glad for you.

Then you can piss and moan about America and I'll care even less than now about what you say about our country.

If what I asked above is not true, then why are you so apt to drone on in the same liberal mantras? Do you realize that if you become friends with the terrorists by hating America, that they would be willing to cut your head off as an infidel, just like they did to the others? Wake up! Your utopianism has put you to sleep!

james said...


I just wanted to jump in here a bit. Anyone in this country has the right to criticize their government without having to move to another country. Dissent is apart of Democracy.