Saturday, October 01, 2005

DeLay Arraignment Set

Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) has been ordered to appear at an arraignment on Oct. 21 in an Austin courtroom, where he plans to plead not guilty to the charge that he conspired with two associates to funnel corporate donations to Republican candidates for the Texas legislature.

DeGuerin also said he had begun to consider whether to attempt to move a trial, if there is one, out of Austin -- a Democratic bastion in a Republican-leaning state -- to a venue in Texas where the former majority leader has greater popularity.

GOI: I think that the judge should try to find a city with an equal (or near equal) amount of registered Republicans as Democrats.

Or another idea is for the judge to decide that there has to be 6 registered Democrats and 6 registered Republicans on the jury. I don't even know if that is Constitutional for the judge to do that but it seems like a reasonable thing to me.

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crimnos said...

The fact that politics are becoming a focus in a criminal trial just shows what a farce this two-party system has become. I don't know if moving it to a predominantly Republican district would even make a difference; even if he was indicted, someone would cry liberal witch hunt. Where's the intelligence these days? :(

james said...


Yeah, the two-party system is a joke. Personally, I prefer the parliamentary democracies of a coalition government then our system. I think coalition government is the best form of respresentational democracy out there right now.

Zen Unbound said...

I am feeling a little sorry for a fellow Tom, Mr. DeLay, at the moment. On Oct 13 I am going to be arraigned on a charge of not wearing my seatbelt. [I often don't latch my belt until I'm a little down the road. A bad habit.]

james said...


Uh-oh. ;) Shame on you!! Just kidding, we all makes mistakes now and then though on the road.

Yeah, I do feel some sympathy and compassion toward Mr. DeLay too. He has put himself in a bad situation and I hope that he learns his lesson if he is convicted.