Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Communist Double Standard

Ever notice the double standard that America plays with Communist China vs. Communist Cuba?

This is a topic that I have been mulling over in my head for awhile.

What is the difference between Cuba and China except that it comes down to business?

We have been cozying up to China for decades and trading heavily with them and greatly boosting their growing economy. Whereas Cuba gets nothing from America. No imports are accepted from Cuba and no exports are sent to the poor, Communist island country.

Even in the wake of the catestrophic hurricane Katrina we did not accept Cuban doctors (who are some of the best in the world) to help in the Gulf Coast.

I don't get it.

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Zen Unbound said...


The major difference is the political influence of Cuban-Americans in the pivotal state of Florida. They would want good relations with Cuba dependent upon the return of assets Castro swiped from them and others in 1959.

Also, our relations with China are helpful in transforming the country. Castro, it is thought, would use improvements to his economy to further his agenda.

Another reason is simply that Castro remains in power. China has changed from its Maoist past simply because new blood [albeit octogenerian blood] has come to positions of authority.

There ARE differences. Your analogy isn't exact. But your point is an important one: Is America failure to ease relations with Cuba hurting both countries' people!?

Chris said...

Must be those billion or so people in China. Or perhaps their nuclear weapons. I think we should invade China and disarm.

Zen Unbound said...


YEAh! That is another difference. China has nuclear weapons.

And China provides Americans with cheap clothes, holds $2 Trillion of US Bonds.

Trade with China also doesn't upset our powerful sugar and tobacco businesses.

In the end, it is all political arm wrestling [influenced by greedhead interests], not decisions made for the good of the people in the countries involves.

james said...

Tom and MJ:

You guys are spot on with your points. Especially about nukes and their million man army or whatever massive number they have at this point.

I think that in the end the differences are indeed (sadly) mostly about economics. I wish I could say that America was somehow helping the poor people of China AND Cuba. However, the money just doesn't get to the people in the most need I don't think in both Cuba and China.

China is becomeing a HUGE economic rival and we have partly helped them to become that. Plus, they have us by, "the balls" (if I can be so crude) with holding a lot of our debt.

And let's not forget about the American worker (many of whose jobs have gone over to China). Something that would NEVER happen in regards to Cuba.