Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Bush Incestuous Circle

GOI: Picture is of Susan Ralston, Rove's assistant. I heard on one of the Sunday morning talk shows that her name will appear more and more in the news as this grand jury investigation wraps up.

The DeLay, Abramoff and possible Rove indictments seem to involve and overlap with the same players into one big incestuous web.

Here is Sidney Blumenthal:

Meanwhile, the grand jury in the Valerie Plame case prepares to conclude its work. In August, it called Rove's assistant Susan Ralston to testify. As it happens, she had formerly been Abramoff's assistant. And it was revealed that before she allowed people to meet with Rove, she cleared them with Norquist. Rove, for his part, often used Abramoff and Norquist as his conduits to DeLay.

Now all the investigations are coming to a climax. Will it mean the decline and fall of the Rovean empire? "Rove is the ultimate centre of everything," said Wittman. "All roads lead to Rove. If it's Rove, everything collapses. People say there is no indispensable man. That's not true."

GOI: If Rove and Libby (Chiefs of Staff for Bush and Cheney) collapse into indictments then it is not a far thing to assume that Bush and Cheney themselves would be the next in line to fall.

There is not much that goes on with a President's Chief of Staff that the President himself does not know. Therefore it seems to me that if Rove and Libby go down then Bush and Cheney too should go down.

But more than the fate of one man or even a ring around him is at stake. For decades, conservatives created a movement to capture the Republican Party and remake it in their image. Under Bush, Republicanism as a system dominates.

With astonishing arrogance and bravado, the Republican oligarchy wired politics and business so that they would always win. But in believing that they actually possessed absolute power they have overreached. Now their project teeters on the brink.

(I highly recommend reading the rest of the article HERE. It is one of the best I have read on the cloud of corruption and cronyism in the GWB White House).

Think Progress has a great list of the 21 Bush Administration officials involved in the Plame case leak scandal (Kind of ironic that the buzz in Washington D.C. is that there are 22 indictments coming and 21 members of the Bush administration listed on the Think Progress Plame case involvement list).

The plot thickens.

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