Monday, October 31, 2005

Bush Goes with Samuel "Scalito" Alito for SCOTUS

GOI: I'm doing research into this guy right now and so for the most part I am holding my powder as they say.

I will say though that preliminary research shows him to be more then qualified.

I do worry though about his seeming willingness to chip away at abortion rights considering Roe is pretty much settled law.

However, I am also worried that Dem's will filibuster him and I do not necessarily think that they should pursue that option here. Especially if they ever want to have one of their own on the court at some point down the road.

I am upset that he went with another white male. Bush could have made a great choice by nominating a latino woman.

We shall see.

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Zen Unbound said...

The choice is worrisome from what I've read. Alito gets his nickname "Scalito" from seeming to be a Scalia clone.

I don't think that the Democrats need the future option of putting an ideologue of their on the Court. I don't think they have done that since, perhaps, Roosevelt! Ruth Bader Ginsberg is cited as an ideologue of the left, but her history in the women's movement is for rights that, today, are unquestioned by almost everyone.

I will defer to your research, but if Scalito is truly Scalia-like or Bork-like, perhaps the Democrats and Northeastern Republicans can join forces and stop him.

I, too, am uncomfortable with the filibuster.

james said...


Basically I begrudgingly feel that the President has his right to a nominee of his choice (within reason of course). Miers was not within reason. Let's hope that this Alito is.

Jessica said...

this guy will supposedly be the furthest right if he gets through

james said...

Call me a conspiracy theorist (UL) but I am starting to think that the whole Miers nomination was a canard and smoke screen from the beginning.

Underground Logician said...

I'm glad for the pick. As to the Miers pick, James, as a conspiracy, I don't think so. I'm of the opinion that Bush is tired of the fight. Are you referring to Miers being a pro-lifer and the Dems liking her, then WH pulls her and put in Alito? I'm unsure about that.

What do others think?

james said...


Yeah, I'll think he will sail.

Nothing the Dem's can do without totally destroying their image for '06 in my opinion.

Zen Unbound said...

From what I've read, it looks like -- with maybe an exception or two -- Alito is consistant in respecting Supreme Court precedents. So, though unquestionably conservative, he seems noble and fair (from his worldview). Thus, I am with you, James. He probably should be confirmed.

The voters elected Bush, so Alito should be the type Justice they should expect.

But the Social Conservatives should be wary of what they pray for. Voters may recoil from a vision of a oppresive conservative US in the 06 and 08 elections.

Zen Unbound said...


One problem the left side of the politic spectrum [that is, my side] has is this: There is a mountain of money that has been amassed to oppose an anti-Roe Supreme Court nominee.

The money probably will be spent on ad buys trying to villify Alito. I would guess it will hurt the left [& the Dems] more than help them.

james said...


Agreed. Also, the high court has a tendency to moderate the justices as time goes on. One only has to look at Justice Souter and Sandra Day O'Connor. Even Rehnquist somewhat moderated over time.

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