Monday, October 24, 2005

As CIA Leak Case Wraps Up

GOI: Some Republicans are trying to smear prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald:

This from Reuters:

By Adam Entous

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush said on Monday the investigation into the outing of a covert CIA operative was "very serious," even as Republican allies started casting aspersions on the prosecutor and the possibility of perjury charges.

GOI: Over the weekend, Republicans launched a preemptive strike against possible charges for perjury.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas derided any potential perjury charge as a "technicality," and suggested Fitzgerald may be trying to show that "two years' of investigation was not a waste of time and dollars."

GOI: Even though Republicans nailed Clinton to the wall over perjury when it comes to one of their own it's a "technicality."

Common Dreams on Hutchison's hypocrisy:

This statement contradicts the Senator’s 1999 view expressed during the impeachment of President Clinton when she said, “The edifice of American jurisprudence rests on the foundation of the due process of law. The mortar in that foundation is the oath. Those who seek to obstruct justice weaken that foundation, and those who violate the oath would tear the whole structure down.”

Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington stated, “I would expect a member of the United States Senate to judge any government official’s actions based on the rule of law, not on party affiliation. As a Senator charged with upholding the laws of the United States, Sen. Hutchison should be ashamed and embarrassed by her flagrant inconsistency. She owes her constituents and the nation an explanation.”

GOI: As for the two year investigation being a "waste of time and dollars: The Clinton investigation took TWICE this long!!

All the casting of aspersions emerging even though the Commander-in-Chief himself said this of the prosecutor Fitzgerald:

The special prosecutor is conducting a very serious investigation - he’s doing it in a very dignified way, by the way - and we’ll see what he says.

GOI: Also, reports are circulating now that the President is frustrated and playing the blame game within his own staff. This from, The New York Daily News:

"The President is just unhappy in general and casting blame all about," said one Bush insider. "Andy [Card, the chief of staff] gets his share. Karl gets his share. Even Cheney gets his share. And the press gets a big share."

The vice president remains Bush's most trusted political confidant. Even so, the Daily News has learned Bush has told associates Cheney was overly involved in intelligence issues in the runup to the Iraq war that have been seized on by Bush critics.

Bush is so dismayed that "the only person escaping blame is the President himself," (GOI: Figures he blames everyone but himself. Reminds me of Homer Simpson saying, 'This is everyone's fault but mine.') said a sympathetic official, who delicately termed such self-exoneration "illogical."

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Zen Unbound said...

Sen Hutchinson is getting creamed in today's political talkshows over her appearance on Meet the Press yesterday. She's a laughingstock.

Ken Starr was an extreme Republican, appointed after the dismissal of Reno's appointed Special Prosecuter by a partisan review panel. Starr led a witch hunt, abetted by Republican extremists, and in the end fully dismissed the Whitewater allegations against the Clintons -- after spending $26million. And, of course, the final crime was covering up a personal indiscretion.

The crime Fitzgerald is investigating is the outing of a CIA operative, with implications re hyping the rationale for the war in Iraq. The underpinings of this crime involve the losses of thousands of lives and billions of dollars.

Hunchinson is a trained monkey for the Bush administration. She has no integrity.


Underground Logician said...


You can't be serious. The talk shows you mention, are they the standard for what you view as the truth? You do the same thing with liberal talk shows what Liberals condemn in conservatives who listen to Rush Limbaugh.

Extreme who is really, really, really a Republican? I'm sure he didn't want to use the guillotine.


False analogy between Fitzgerald and Starr. Absolutely no comparison.

james said...

You're absolutely living in denial then and need to go to Republican rehab. ;)

Chris said...

I can say one thing. I am from Illinois, the southern part; nevertheless.

Fitzgerald is a registered Republican in this state. Fitzgerald is also the prosecutor in charge of the trial and conviction of our former governor, George Ryan, who is currently on trial and will probably go to prison.

Fitzgerald was appointed as special counsel to investigate the George Ryan scandal by none other than Illinois' former US Senator and fellow Republican Peter Fitzgerald, no relation. And George Bush himself appointed Fitzgerald to investigate the leak at the CIA.

A smear campaign is typical for neocons. It's their only way to remain in power. Fitzgerald does his job well. He has also prosecuted Democrats.

james said...



Zen Unbound said...


The talkshows aren't my standard for truth, but they can shine the light and display research. Hutchinson has been shown for what she is. And, btw, I am talking about REPUTABLE talkshows, not BS like Limbaugh.

As mj demonstrates, Fitzgerald is fully legit. Starr was a partisan hack.

Underground Logician said...


Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps...

Underground Logician said...


I'm not against Fitzgerald. He's the man; he's thorough, he's willing to call a spade a spade; so be it.

Smear campaigns are done by ANYONE desiring to stay in power, not just neo-cons. There's a lot of black kettles and pots.

Underground Logician said...


MJ did not demonstrate that Starr is a partisan hack. You are just asserting what your brain trust tells you what to assert. As to Limbaugh, I think you missed my point. As to Limbaugh being BS, that's your opinion. Your opinion, or my opinion for that matter, is hardly the means to confirm or deny the reputability of anything. So these talk shows you mention...reputable how, and by whom? Are they neutral in that they have no agenda to destroy Bush for beating Gore in 2000? Name them, put it on the table. You never know, I might agree with you.

To all you guys: I'm not against the truth, I'm against rhetoric that insults our intelligence. Let's have sound research; let's have facts from a reputable source that has no axe to grind. That's all I pursue with postings of this order.

Sometimes blogs are like cussin' contests. They try to see who can be the most creative, be the meanest, be the loudest, or be the funniest. As to this blog, I think James you're trying to get to the truth of the matter, but the desire for rhetorical creativity may get in the way.

What do you think?

james said...


I try my best to be independent, moderate and unbiased but I admit that I do lean left in the end most of the time and my blog reflects this. I don't apologize for this slant, however, but I do think, that it is important to be honest about one's slant.

I like to have fun on my blog (otherwise it becomes a stressor and I don't need more of those!!) and sometimes I like to throw red meat to my mostly lefty audience. ;)

Underground Logician said...

Though you lean left, you have an openness that is disarming. Thank you for that. It makes blogging here fun as well.

james said...


Thank-you for the compliment. I am very glad that you find it fun here as well. We disagree on a lot of issues but I am glad that you believe in what you stand for.

Zen Unbound said...


This post is cited in Blogmandu, Roundup for Oct 23 - 30, 2005.