Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Afghan Election

The election results are mostly in on the lastest election and some warlords have actually made it into parliament.

This from the BBC:

Warlords look set to win a number of seats in Afghanistan's new parliament according to partial results from September's election.

Many Afghans said they were unhappy that so many of the candidates were warlords or linked to warlords.

GOI: O.k., how can things be going well in Afghanistan if warlords or those linked to warlords are being voted into office?? This is like radical militia men being voted into our Congress or Senate!!

However, officials said the peaceful conduct of the polls was a victory over the militants.

GOI: O.k., how was this election a victory over militants when warlords (who are militants. Just look at their name, "warlord!!") are being voted into office!!

I wonder if the warlords will be allowed to bring their kalashnikovs into the parliament building to help get their "points" across.

Yep, democracy is on the march George!! We call for Democracy but when they vote in warlords (who are not much different then the Taliban) we call it a great success for Democracy?? So, we have traded the Taliban for the warlords who enrich themselves on heroin sales and who are now elected officials??


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crimnos said...

*sniff sniff* Is that freedom I smell?

Good lord, even Afghanistan has turned into a farce. Is there anything we can point to from the last five years that wasn't an utter failure?

Zen Unbound said...

...well, crimnos, Genius of Insanity has come online.

andi said...

democracy in and of itself is not enough. if an election is stolen, or votes are based on fear and lies, how is democracy better than any other system?

(well, that might bring about some interesting comments...)

james said...


Thanks!! I am honored. :)


Yes, you make an excellent point. That is exactly the thought that I wanted to have come across in this post. Thank-you for fleshing that out.