Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Leakers Get Raises Instead of Probation

Raw Story breaks the latest:

The top pay for senior White House aides, including Chief of Staff Andrew Card, Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove and Legislative Affairs Director Candida Wolff, mushroomed to $161,000 at the beginning of July, according to a list sent to Congress and obtained by National Journal, RAW STORY can reveal.

GOI Comment: This isn't anything too shocking. Bush always seems to promote people who screw up in his administration. George Tenet, L. Paul Bremer and Tommy Franks get Medals of Freedom despite making some serious mistakes. Tenet blew the information on WMD's in Iraq, Bremer and Franks scewed the pooch my disbanding the Iraqi army and majorly adding to the size and ability of the insurgency.

This is just like the mafia in that when you get caught you tell nothing to the authorities and the mob promotes you. Now Rove and Libby get raises!!

Stay tuned.

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