Monday, May 23, 2005

Why We Need the Right to Filibuster Judges.

Because The 55 Republicans Senators represent states with a population of 112,858,577 residents or 49%, while the 45 Democratic and Independent Senators represent States with a total of 117,657,044 residents or 51% of the population.

Thus Common Sense Mom @ Daily Kos explains:

We all understand that the Senate was set up as a "check and balance" to the inherently more politically populace driven House of Representatives. By choosing Senators by State instead of population, the founding fathers hoped to protect the rights of the minority against the "tyranny of the majority." But if population is considered, or the vote count received by each Senator, there is no doubt that our founding fathers' fear is being turned on its head.

Republican Senators, in fact, represent a minority of Americans. If the "nuclear option" is utilized to strip Democratic Senators, who represent more Americans, of their right to dissent, then we will have a TYRANNY OF THE MINORITY!

Thomas Jefferson must be rolling in his grave.

Any questions??

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Zen Unbound said...


I think "a" big reason is that senators -- Republican ones, especially -- don't think independently.

Sure, they are already openly bribed by corporations. But in addition to that, they salute and vote any way their party leadership requires whenever a vote is meaningful.

We elect senators as individuals, not automatons of a party. Sadly the most pathetic of senators -- Republicans Lincoln Chaffee, Arlen Specter and George Voinovich -- are so cowed by Frist and Bush you have to wonder if they're not just holograms when they continually vote against their expressed convictions.

Much as I mostly admire the Democrats, I wish we could just legislate the political parties out of existance.