Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Yes, the United States of American Corporations.

That should be the official title of America.

My wife is taking a tax class toward her accounting degree and came across this nasty little statistic:

In 2003: Individuals payed 83% of federal taxes
Corporations only payed 13% of federal taxes.

United Airlines is cutting pensions and the Bush government doesn't seem to care. This massive corporation is allowed to file bankruptcy but the average citizen? No way. Not anymore.

So, United Airlines can file bankruptcy but is not going to pay pensions to retiree's. The retiree's were counting on that money to partly pay for credit card bills but if they can't pay due to United's screw job they can't file for bankruptcy!!! THIS IS INSANE!!!

Now, how is all of this helping us have confidence in the Bush economy??

Corporations are the new feudal landlords and the rest of us are just lowly surfs.

Makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy inside huh??

Yeah, me either.

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Amichai said...

It's true, I only wish i could say there was a time when it wasn't, but unfortunately (though I love this country with all my heart) it's always been this way.