Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Rumsfeld Offered to Make Deal with Saddam

This from the Times of India:

JERUSALEM: US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld paid a secret visit to former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein and offered him freedom and possible return to public life if he made a televised request to armed groups for a ceasefire with allied forces, a media report said.

Saddam promptly rejected the offer, Ynetnews reported quoting a London based Al-Quds Al-Arabi daily. The visit came during Rumsfeld's visit to Iraq about two weeks ago and was known only to a few Iraqi officials in Jordan, the Arab daily reported quoting sources.

**GOI Comment: Now don't you find it disturbing that I had to go to a newsource outside the states to find this story?? I guess the American media is too "busy" with the "runaway bride" and Michael Jackson stories to be bothered with a story like this.

Yeah, American main stream media is just as corrupt, bought and paid for as much as our government. It use to be an additional check and balance on our government and corporations but now corporations own all the major news agencies.

Thank god for the foreign media, independent radio and internet bloggers. It was only in listening to the Randi Rhodes show on Air America radio that I found out about this.

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life of reilly said...

The funniest thing with the capture of Saddam is legally he is the President of Iraq still, considering the whole invading of his country was actually illegal to begin with. The US are so pissed off with this defence, because it's pretty much an Iron Clad defence.

james said...

Yeah, no wonder Rumie offered him a deal. They were good friends back in the days of Reagan when we sold him the gas that he used on the Kurds. We had no problem with that then. Hmmm. Interesting indeed.