Wednesday, May 25, 2005

400,000 Embryos

The Washington Post has reported that there are some 400,000 human embryos frozen at fertility clinics within the United States.

Now, President Bush has come out against using these embryos for stem cell research arguing that he will not support taking a life to save a life. This is in accordance with his "culture of life."

The thing is that many of these embryos will be destoryed if not used for impregnation or stem cell research. I highly doubt that Bush can find 400k women to impregnate with these embryos so they will have to be destroyed.

Does that not violate the President's stance of not destroying a life?? I thought that using these embryo's for research was a form of abortion? Wouldn't destroying them too be a form of abortion??? And we can not just keep them frozen because more are being created every day.

If Bush is for a "culture of life" why doesn't he support embyronic stem cell research to help those "living" with DISEASES?!!!


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Chris said...


You scare me with your logical reasoning :)

james said...

mj: Thanks.